Inspired by Lady Krystal Mesmer


He was so fractious,frustrated, frazzled and plain fed up when he entered the store, he needed new lights for his bachelor pad.He had trawled every shop until he came across this one, this was smaller and slightly understated but some of the designs, golden flutes inlaid with gleaming designs that glittered and coalesced in a very mesmerizing way really caught his eye.

When he entered the interior made Aladdin’s cave look like a wood-shed, all sorts of light emitting lamps designs and devices were in the room, he tried to pick out one but simply got confused but suddenly, in this lounge of ornamental luminescence, he felt calm again.It was as if the row upon row of tantalizingly bejeweled and chased designs had taken away all his worry. Read more…


He had been in this airport lounge for 6 hours, they said that his flight to the Caribbean was delayed by low cloud and bad weather. He seemed now to be the only passenger
apart from 2 or 3 others to be sitting waiting to depart. It seemed that all of those around him
had been taken away. Read more…

A Touch of Krystal Touching My Life

Do you remember you first hypno-crush?

Can you remember the first time you realized there was a woman out there who would gladly hypnotize you?

Can you remember the first mp3 you heard? The first sample? The first time you put yourself in a place to be hypnotized? Read more…

Trick or Treat?

As I got older Halloween became less and less inviting, but more captivating. Let me explain, you see I grew up in a neighborhood where you could trick or treat for blocks and most of the houses participated. They did it right! Big candy bars, m&m’s, homemade treats (from people we knew), even dollar bills.

My friends and I had established an usual route that we ventured off to every Halloween just before dusk. It started at my friend George’s house, because he was the most centrally located. We circled each of the ten blocks as fast as we could, then go back to the houses that offered the best candy, switching up our costumes a little. Yes, we were sneakily little candy hounds. Read more…




I had so looked forward to visiting LA again. After living there for 14 years, it was “in my blood”. But circumstances beyond my control, had forced me to move East…Now, a whole months worth of shows had been booked by an LA theatrical agent…“The Master of Comedy Hypnosis” was “going home”…But my partner in the show, Genie, was not going to be there for the first few shows…Her son was suffering from a bout of the flu, and she naturally wanted to be by his side…Consequently, I had agreed to perform “solo” for the first 2 weekends. Read more…


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