Inspired by Lady Krystal Mesmer


Note- “Focus” is both a sequel to an earlier story, “Tame Your Pet,” and an homage to the novel Venus in Furs.


Heinrich was suspicious as soon as the woman walked through the door.  The modeling agency that sent her was legitimate; he had taken work from them many times when he was under cover here in Los Angeles. But their services could have been commandeered by the FBI or some other government office. Heinrich had been using the cover of a professional photographer for decades (it was the perfect smokescreen for reconnaissance, no one questioned why a photographer would want to inspect buildings and terrain in great detail), he had met hundreds of models. This woman was not one. Read more…



Louise’s life hadn’t been a walk in the park on easy street over beds of roses. But with all the ups and downs she’d had to cross-country ski over and the hoops she’d jump through in her lifetime, never had she been even anywhere near as vexed as she was now perpetually frustrated beyond measure. And the source of her seemingly interminable aggravation being the man she’d given her heart to made it all the worse. If her girlfriends comments were an accurate gauge, as husbands go, Archie seemed to be in large part one of the better than average Joes. But there was that one hurdle that she just could not overcome. No matter how often she tried to get around it or what brand spanking newfangled tactic or strategy she used to eliminate it, that apparently insurmountable obstacle was still there. This bloody bane of her existence was infinitesimally close to making her scream her lungs out while pulling out each strand of her luxurious hair by the roots. Read more…


He was so fractious,frustrated, frazzled and plain fed up when he entered the store, he needed new lights for his bachelor pad.He had trawled every shop until he came across this one, this was smaller and slightly understated but some of the designs, golden flutes inlaid with gleaming designs that glittered and coalesced in a very mesmerizing way really caught his eye.

When he entered the interior made Aladdin’s cave look like a wood-shed, all sorts of light emitting lamps designs and devices were in the room, he tried to pick out one but simply got confused but suddenly, in this lounge of ornamental luminescence, he felt calm again.It was as if the row upon row of tantalizingly bejeweled and chased designs had taken away all his worry. Read more…


He had been in this airport lounge for 6 hours, they said that his flight to the Caribbean was delayed by low cloud and bad weather. He seemed now to be the only passenger
apart from 2 or 3 others to be sitting waiting to depart. It seemed that all of those around him
had been taken away. Read more…

A Touch of Krystal Touching My Life

Do you remember you first hypno-crush?

Can you remember the first time you realized there was a woman out there who would gladly hypnotize you?

Can you remember the first mp3 you heard? The first sample? The first time you put yourself in a place to be hypnotized? Read more…


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