I’ve been told that I do not need to review Mistress Marquesa’s Free audio recording, “Embrace My Philosophy” because it is freely given on the front page of Her Wondrous Web Site.


Well… I just can’t help myself.


You are here.  You are curious.  Perhaps you have been to the Mistress’ web site, perhaps not.  I’d bet that you are curious as to how this “hypnotism kink” works.  (Why else would you be here?)  In any case I would implore you to listen to and download this recording. (It is available on the front page of Her web site:  Goddessmarquesa.com

Listen to it first because you ought to know what you might be getting yourself into.

Then… Whatever you think of Her approach to this hypno-domination relationship, I implore you to download the file because, later, you are going to want and need to listen to this recording many, many times.

I have been in the thrall of Mistress/Goddess Marquesa since before this recording was first released.  I still listen to it at least once a week and in most weeks, more than that.  Why?

Because it is a non hypnotic recording and I simply Love listening to the Mistress’ voice.  Her velveteen voice is what seduction is made of and made for.  Mistress could read me the phone book and I would listen, raptly!  I listen as I drive to and from various appointments and/or errands.  It takes just as long to listen to as it takes me to drive from home into the shopping area of my local hamlet.  There is no hypnotic element to this recording, so I find it safe to listen to when driving.


(WARNING!  Do Not try this with ANY OTHER of the Mistress’ recordings.)


What is so special about this recording is that in it the Mistress tells you everything that you need to know regarding a continuing relationship with Her.  She tells you exactly what She expects.  She tells you what She will do to and for you.  She tells you what you may to choose to do for Her.

The supreme beauty of this recording is that Mistress Marquesa tells you, right up front, that if you become uncomfortable with Her initial and/or subsequently growing influence on you, you may leave.  At any time, you may leave.  No hard feelings.  Do what is best for you!

I have been with Her for a long time because I choose to be.  Should I suddenly choose to walk away from our relationship I would hope that there would be a pang of regret within Her, but I am sure that She would respect my decision and wish me well.

You can ‘Pull Out’ whenever you wish.  But be forewarned:  You probably will not wish to do so.  Oh!  You’ll think about it.  You’ll even tell yourself that you’re done with all of this.  I know.  I did, numerous times.  And yet… Here I am!  She’s THAT good!


Everything that She tells you She will do, She WILL do.  Everything She tells you that you will feel while listening to Her, you WILL feel.  It may take a while.  It may take many more listening/viewing sessions than you originally expected.  Be patient.  Don’t expect to be a mindless drone after listening to one recording.  (Actually:  Don’t expect to be a mindless drone at all. That is not how real hypnosis works.)  I did expect to be mindless after one listening.  It was a strategic mistake.  Be patient.  Then be more patient.  Listen to Her recordings as often as you are able to do so.  If you really and truly WANT to be hypnotized by Mistress Marquesa, She WILL take you there.  If you want to be her submissive, you can be.  If you want to be Her Panty Slave, you can be.  If you want to be Her Sex Slave, you can be.  If you simply wish to do anything a Superior Goddess demands of you, it can and will be arraigned.  If all you wish to do is dip your toe into the pond to see how it feels, that is all good!  It ALL depends on you.  Enter Her world as She instructs you to do in this recording.  Do the things She says to do in the order that She tells you and you will be amazed at how completely your transformation progresses.  She really does know best, and She will hold your hand through the entire submission process.  Everything that She tells you will happen to you WILL happen to you, soon enough.  It is a process of acceptance, submission, and transformation, not an over-night “miracle.”

Mistress/Goddess Marquesa isn’t some “Suzy-come-lately” entrant to the hypno-domme sweepstakes.  She has been in this for some time.  She is a Certified Hypo-Therapist and She is one of the very Original hypnosis dominatrixes on the net.  (Gadzooks! This woman had to have more required Professional Hypnosis Training than I had to have for my entire “professional” career.)  She knows what She is doing!


So… “Has it been worth it to you?”  I hear you ask.


Absolutely!  I reply, without a hint of shame or hesitation.  My relationship with Mistress/Goddess Marquesa has improved my life in many ways.  Few of those have anything to do with sex!  (Surprise!)

I am a much kinder to ALL those around me and a more open person because of the guidance She has given me.  I am more willing to listen to and appreciate other points of view and opinions than I was previously.  I revel in the knowledge that there are others who love and appreciate the Mistress as I do.  (Love you guys, gurls, and girls!)  Frankly, I think that I am a better person on the whole because of my relationship with the Mistress.   But THAT is a story for another post.


Do this… Submit… You won’t regret it!

Love you all for reading this and (Hopefully) submitting to Her philosophy,