It was 6:00am and the slave was still lying on the mattress in a corner of the room when Mistress Marquesa walked into the room.  She wore a white sleeveless blouse and a white mini skirt which betrayed the flaming red underwear she had on.  With a pair of transparent short spiked heel ankle boots.

The slave rushed to greet her on all fours as he had been instructed to and went straight to kiss the toe of her pointed boots.

“Stop there and crawl slave, I hate to find you still in bed.”

“I am not in a whipping mood today, but you will suffer just the same.

Lie on your back slave.” She commanded.

In no time he was in position and mistress walked towards him, placing her right foot over his chest.

“You love these boots slave, don’t you?  So do I.  I feel as comfortable as if I am barefooted in them, so I can trample you without risking twisting my ankles on you.  What do you suggest slave?”

“You can start by making me kiss the boots Mistress.”

“You always choose the line of least resistance slave.  Kissing them is the obvious thing to do.  I want you to feel some pain.” She said as she moved toward his face.

“Put your hands up to your ears.” She said.

The helpless slave stood as she ordered him to and she walked over, stood with a leg on each side of his head and then placed both heels squarely in the middle of the palms of his hands.  The slave moaned.  Her flaming red underwear was high above him and his hands were singing from the pain of the pointed heels.

“I am not inconsiderate slave.  If I wanted to really hurt you I would have told you to hold your hands the other way up and dig my heels between the bones of the palm of your hand.  Don’t you think that you should be thankful slave?”

“Yes Mistress, thank you.”

Why do I have to prompt you each time slave? Use your initiative.  Now turn your cheek.” She said, gently placing one of her heels over his cheek bone.

The slave started kissing the other boot.

“That’s good.”  She said.   She let him kiss her foot through the boots.

“Louder slave, I want to hear you kissing them.”

Kissing her foot loudly, the slave had to move his face, and another thought flashed through her mind.  She was an expert at inflicting pain psychologically by speaking about it before actually inflicting it.

“I’m going to dig my heel into your cheek and I want you to bite it through your cheek. “She said as her heel went down into the soft flesh of his cheek.

The slave tried to bite but the short heel was a bit difficult to get hold of.

“Bite it and hold on to it.  I want you to hold it firmly so that I will be able to pull my foot out of the boots if I wish.” Mistress Marquesa said.

The slave obeyed her and struggled to keep the heel between his teeth through his cheek.  Mistress teased him by gently twisting her heel.

“Don’t worry slave, I don’t intend taking my boots off yet.  It is a very hot day and the only drink you will get is the sweat that will gather in my boots today.  So there’d better be a lot of it if you want to quench your thirst.  I will let you wash my feet with sparkling water as usual, but you will not be allowed to drink the water today.  I will watch you watering the plants with it.”  She said.

Mistress Marquesa excelled in such verbal torture and the slave knew that she meant every word she said.

She took her foot off his face and stood still as she watched a red spot on his cheek, where the heel was, get redder.

“Your cheek is developing a nice color.  I just love to see the results of my work, slave.  Lie face down, let me massage your back with my heels, slave.  I want to see a few marks there as well to compliment the marks of yesterday’s lashes,” she said.

Mistress Marquesa started walking on his back, digging her heels in.

“Turn face up again slave, I feel like torturing your balls, have you any idea of what I can do to hurt you slave?  But beware, be innovative as I would otherwise start digging my heels in them until you come up with something fancy doing.  No stupid step and guess come up with something more kinky.”  She asked.

Mistress Marquesa was not prepared to wait too long,  She sat on a chair and ordered the slave to crawl under the chair and lie at her feet.

“Put your hands at my feet and spread out your fingers.  I’m going to step on the nails of your fingers one by one with my heel until you come up with something which excites me,” she said.

The slave was in position and in no time the heel of her right foot was squeezing the nail of the index finger on his left hand.  He could see her heel turning paler through her transparent shoe as she exerted more pressure.

“Don’t just moan and watch slave, kiss my foot, kiss where the tattoo is, just above the heel that is torturing you.  And think about what I can do to your balls unless you want to end up without nails.”

As she increased pressure, the slave kissed more vociferously.  That turned on Mistress more, and the pressure increases, increasing the frenzy of kisses.  She let go just as he was about to scream in pain.

“The other one now,” she said.

Just as she was about to step of the other finger, the slave said, “I have an idea Mistress.”

“Tell me,” she said, leaving her heel on his finger and putting the other foot on his face.

“What about tying my balls with a leather thong, so that you have them like you have a dog on a leash, and then as I lie down face up you can step on my face, tug my balls with one hand and beat me with the other hand.  You would have total control like that Mistress,” the slave said.

The idea turned on Mistress more than she already was.

“I like your idea, slave.  It turns me on.  But I had another one in mind and I want to try it first.  Give me your hands,” she said.

She slipped a pair of handcuffs on and latched them to a chain suspended from the ceiling.  Pulling the chain up, she stretched the slave’s arms above his head and pulled until his toes were just touching the ground.  Then she locked shackles around his ankles and had these tied to opposite walls.

The slave was hanging in the form of an inverted Y.

“There you are slave, more helpless than you’ve ever been.  I shall now put some weights on your legs and see how they drag you down.”

Taking out a riding crop, she started touching his shoulders with its tip.

“I’m sure that your shoulders are burning with pain slave, and your arms must be hurting a bit as well,” she said, touching them with the whip.  Her riding crop was like a magic wand, bringing pain wherever she touched.

“Your ass is just not suffering,” she said, as she hit it violently.

The slave shrieked.

“I like the idea of tying up your balls, and that is what I am going to do now.”

The slave suffered in pain as she tied his balls with the thong.

“I don’t like to see you suffer without being involved in it slave.  The way you are suffering now is too impersonal for me.  With your balls, it is a different matter.  I am going to tie some weights to your balls as well slave,” she said.

“Please Mistress,” the slave muttered.

“You love it slave.  I shall be tying my shoes.  They are not that heavy individually… but I intend to keep on adding pair after pair.  I know your limits, don’t worry,” she said reassuringly.  “I want your balls to remain intact.  I still have not used these new transparent boots on them, and I intend to that later, so relax,” she said.

The slave’s pain in his shoulders started to become unbearable.

“If you want me to untie your hands now, I will slave.  But I’d like you to stay as you are a bit longer.  I am enjoying the spectacle.  Will you do it for me slave?”  She asked.

“Yes Mistress.  I will do what pleases you, but I am really in pain.”

Mistress Marquesa was an excellent manipulator of his emotions. “Do you feel like being whipped slave, because that is what I feel like doing?”

The slave had no alternative, “Yes Mistress.”

“Which whip would you like me to use?” she asked, playfully hitting his dick with the tip of the riding crop.

“Any one Mistress.”

She hit him hard across the thighs.  “Make up your mind slave, I am telling you to choose and you are asking me to choose instead.”

She was manipulating him further, prolonging his time hung up as he was.

It was obvious that she wanted to use the ridding crop.

“Choose whatever it pleases you Mistress, the riding crop, the tall whip, the multi-stranded one, they all still hurt and I am in so much pain,” he said.

Mistress went into a fury and started hitting him randomly across his back, his ass, the sides of his chest, and his thighs.

“I’ve been teaching you about differences in pain my whips inflict and you insult me in such a way.  I’ll teach you the difference again,” she said, “but not this time.  Today my boots will make you suffer boot licker.,” she said lowering him down.

She undid all the shackles and the slave was relieved to be on the ground again, but the whacking he got made him sore all over.

“Kiss my boots slave, until I see how your suggestion of how I can torture you could be worked out,” she said.

The slave crawled at her feet and started kissing her boots, looking at her feet through them.  Groveling at her feet and kissing her footwear or feet always had a calming effect on him while turning him on at the same time, and she knew this very well.

The thong was still attached to his balls.  Her mind was working on his idea.

“Stop kissing my boots and fetch me the long whip slave,” she said.  While he was carrying out her instructions, the idea developed in her mind.

“Fetch me my strappy sandals, the black ones with the thin strap as well,” she said.

He came back with the things she requested.

“I like your idea, but not just yet.  Strap your legs to the horse and lie back on it slave,” she said.

The slave had been there before, as Mistress liked to sit on his chest and torture his balls.

This time she sat on his face first, her wet undies smothering his nose and mouth.  “Your nose gives me a lot of pleasure slave,” she said, moving across his face.  She could notice he was fast becoming erect and stopped.  She sat over his chest and fastened the thong.

“It was getting a bit loose slave, and I want it to be tight so that I can jerk your balls hard,” she said.  Her verbal torture always preceded the physical one.  She knew that her words caused mental pain, which she liked inflicting.

Then she took the black sandals from the side of the toes and started playfully hitting his hard-on with their heel.  The slave whimpered.

Then she started undoing the thin laces of her shoe.

“I’m going to whip you with these first, slave,” she said, as she moved back over his face.  “You have no idea how much the tips of the laces can hurt.  I’ll soon show you,” she said.

The slave was turned on but helpless under the demanding Mistress.  She was rubbing herself on his face.  He could smell she was turned on and his nose was wet by all her rubbing.

The slave was in a heaven of his own, but Mistress Marquesa was not quite ready yet.  Such moments were fun for her, but were meant for her pleasure not his.

When she had enough of his nose rubbing, she sat again on his chest, and holding the shoe laces in one hand, she turned to look back at the slave’s face.  “Stick the heel of the sandal in your mouth and suck it.  I don’t want to hear you whimper as I beat your balls,” she said.

She stood still, watching him obediently sucking the heel.  Then she started hitting his balls with the laces.

She was right about the pain they could inflict, even though it was mild compared to her whips.

Mistress Marquesa realized that the pain was not something he could not take but wanted to give him a break while still dominating him.

When she felt he had had enough of a break, she got off but not before smothering him again.

“Kiss me slave, just one big kiss.  I know you’re dying to lick m e, but I’m not ready for that yet.”

The slave’s hard-on got even harder.  That is what he wanted to hear.

Mistress on the other hand knew was simply manipulating him more and was pleased to see her strategy working as usual.

She asked him to untie his legs and lie down on the floor.  She took hold of the thong and placing her left foot over his cheek, she tugged at his balls.

“Kiss my right boot slave.  Lick it” she said as she pressed her heel into his face.  As the first lash landed the slave tried to cover his balls.  “Coward,” she said.  “Sit up. I’m going to tie your hands behind your back.  You’ll be totally at my mercy then.”

She posed her heel on his cheek again and digging in she ordered him to kiss her other boot.  Lashes started rhythmically hitting him and like the kisses earlier, the slave’s licking increased in intensity when she tugged at his balls and whipped him at the same time.

Mistress got really turned on and got carried away.

She threw herself on his face again and rubbed herself into a frenzied orgasm over his face.

“I’m proud of you slave.  I love the pleasure you give me.  But I will not let you come, as I find more exciting when I leave you hanging on.

I’m going out for the day, but I will not leave you tied.  I am throwing away a few pairs of shoes to make space for new ones.  Make sure you lick them well to remove any of my traces from them,” she said, while taking off her boots.

“Quench your desire by licking my feet slave.”

The slave took off her right boot and gently started licking her foot.

Mistress was relaxing from the orgasm she had just had and did not bother to tell him to take off her other boot.  After several minutes she realized.

“Take off my other boot and lick my foot slave,” she said.

The slave obliged.

“I shall be leaving my boots here for you to lick and savor. But don’t wash them in my absence.  I want to make sure that you won’t drink the water you wash them with.  Whenever you do that, I want to be present to see you do it.”

“Please Mistress, I am really thirsty.” He begged.

“I’ll think about it,” she said as she left the room and locked him inside.

Spying from the keyhole, she saw him kissing her boots and trying to lick them from the inside.

She went to fetch a half glass of water and burst into the room.

“I am impressed by your obedience slave,” she said.  “Give me one of my boots.” She said.

The slave obeyed and Mistress Marquesa poured the water into one of the boots.  She started twirling the water inside, like people move a glass of drink to melt the ice.

“I want to make sure all of my sweat is washed off slave,’ she said, “give me the other boot.”

She poured the water into the other boot and repeated the process.  The slave watched the water swirl inside the transparent boots which had caused him so much anguish.

She sat in front of him as he was still on his knees.

“Beg for this water.  Beg to drink from my boots slave,” she said.

The slave groveled at her feet again and as he started kissing her feet again, he begged her.

“Please let me drink it Mistress,” he pleaded.

“Ok, drink it slave, but drink slowly as that is the only drink you are getting today.”

“Thank you,” the slave said as he held her boot as if it was some expensive crystal glass.

Under her spellful gaze he drank the sweat from his Mistress’ feet mixed with the water.

“I enjoyed today’s session slave, but I feel that I did not get enough of you considering these boots are just brand new.  Think of how I can use them next time as I always appreciate your input.  Bye for now slave, but don’t let your mind think of anything else except while I’m away,” she said as she slapped him hard across the cheek to remind him who was in command.