I lie naked on your examination chair as your assistant binds my ankles into the stirrups. You twist the special tube Mabeline 510 Lip Gloss you’ve prepared for me and a thick stream of creamy fluids oozes from the opening. I feel it being drawn to my lips. With months of therapy I instinctively begin to pucker and pout. You begin to apply it in thick swabs and make sure to coat around the outside to give them a thicker and larger appearance. You continue to twist the tube of special gloss and allow a generous amount to coat the inside of my lips and mouth as you encourage my tongue to taste it. The taste is wonderful and I cannot seem to stop wanting more as some is naturally swallowed. I feel my eyes begin to close as my mind goes into a trance and my body begins to tingle. You smile as more gloss is licked away knowing that once tasted, this addictive special formula begins to quickly render the final changes you’ve desired in me.

You eagerly watch as my nipples harden and breasts begin to grow. You apply oils as your assistant begins gently kneading and caressing them until they appear to stop growing at DD. You apply red lipstick to my large nipples as your assistant lowers her lips to suck. You slide you hands down my stomach to feel the results of the operation and smile as you see how wet my new pussy is becoming. You spread my lips many times as waves of pleasure overcome my body and mind.

There is but one more step to complete to make all of the changes permanent. You’ve prepared the final change formula and pour it into a long, hollow phallus complete with huge balls that hold more of the delicious fluids. You know the final step involves oral and vaginal penetration while the phallus oozes and squirts it’s load into the body. You attach the phallus onto a waist belt that make this into a wicked strap on cock. You feel it’s power and begin to stroke it as I open my eyes. You climb on the examination chair and move the phallus head directly towards my glossy lips. You place the tip on my pouting lips and slowly push it inside as you watch the lip gloss coat the shaft. You look into my eyes as you begin to slowly pump the phallus in and out. Pushing deeper and deeper with each stroke until the 10″ cock is well down my throat. The cock is juicy red now from the gloss and your assistant applies more and more gloss. You squeeze the balls and the warm fluid pours out of the phallus and into my mouth. You push deeper and send the juice down my throat where it is already working its’ magic.

Once you’ve emptied 1/2 of the phallic fluid there is but one more place to deposit the seed of change.You slowly pull the cock out of my throat & mouth and slide off the chair and around between my legs that are spread with the stirrups. The assistant is smiling as she pulls a box from under the chair and opens it to reveal a satiny pink pair of crotchless panties and a pair of 6″ strappy high heels. She pulls my legs out of the stirrups and runs the sexy panties up my legs until settled in place with the open crotch wickedly displaying my hot wet pussy. She then pulls the heels out and gently slips the left shoe into place and carefully wraps the straps around my ankles and buckles the end. She knows of my weakness for heels and admires her handy work. She gives the heel a kiss while sliding her lips around the stiletto heel. I feel myself getting wetter as I watch. She then pulls the other high heel out and gently slips the right shoe into place, carefully wrapping the straps around my ankle and buckling the end.

With my pussy spread and wet framed by hot panties, you gently grab my ankles and spread them as far as your arms reach while moving the phallus tip to the entrance of my dripping pussy. You assistant hungrily grabs the shaft in one hand while spreading my lips open with the fingers of her other. The head is now touching my hot pussy as you look deep into my eyes and slowly penetrate me. I begin to gasp as you slowly take my virginity. The strokes are long and deep as you assistant move to hold the balls. She helps push it in deeper and deeper for what seems like hours until the right moment then squeezes them hard releasing torrents of the liquid inside. I feel the extra fullness and begin to orgasm as you continue to pump my pussy until you cock and balls are empty. It’s done now. You’ve made me into a beautiful submissive lesbian lover and add me to your harem of wickedly natural lesbians.

Your next lesbian conquest will be my wife as her special appointment and lesbian elixir is next.