Being a lowly slave, worth less than dog meat, it is the ultimate thrill to be granted permission to grovel on one’s knees and openly worship beneath the stern, controlling eyes of my Goddess Marquesa.

carlton was a trainee, a newbie in the world of B&D. he could only plead with his eyes because his tongue was wrapped in a ball and gag harness. he was losing the ability to speak, learning to sob and whimper when allowed to do so by his Goddess.
carlton was hopelessly and helplessly in love with Marquesa. The more She dished out Her cruelty, the more he enjoyed succumbing to Her power. he could not rise above Her pointed finger. he could only lick Her luscious toes, caress Her leathered heels, inhale the scent of Her hose and become intoxicated with Her perfume. carlton wanted Her so badly, he would die for Her. It would be for passion, it would be for Her!

carlton was on dangerous ground, his obsessive worship of Marquesa was causing his brain to turn to mush. he was turning into a zombie, numb to the sting of the crop, daydreaming, smiling like a silly schoolboy at his 4th grade teacher. carlton could not hear Her commands, he could only see Her mouth in slow motion. Her gorgeous lips pursed full with passion, wet, glistening with a special dew. carlton in his reverie could only suffer his torment as unbearably he longed to reach out and caress those enchanting lips, immerse himself in Her ambrosia. The leather binders restrained his eager hands behind his back, cutting into his flesh. The torment, the exquisite pain causing carlton to whipsaw between blind obedience and unbridled passion. he was a lost soul, even the Devil could not claim him. his purgatory was that the lash gave him pleasure, but any lack of attention was pure hell for him. he would endure any suffering or humiliation just to enjoy the limitless pleasure of being allowed in Her Presence!

It was bound to happen. carlton was regressing in his training. he was being worse than insolent. he was smiling while undergoing the crop. The Marquesa made a choice. carlton would be caged-naked-with only a collar around his neck. A dog dish in the corner contained water. carlton would suffer for Her.

his mind wandered to the first day he began his training. he remembered the neighborhood: quaint and unpretentious, but hiding a dark secret. The Marquesa lived here. he remembered it well: yuppies jogging and fine looking women strutting their stuff at the market. Dog walking was popular in the neighborhood and that is where his humiliation began.

his first task as a slave was to walk Mistress’ dog (a 200lb. Mastiff) but he had to stand still on the corner where the gas station was. A strange request but he so wanted to please Her. Helmut was a proud dog wanting everybody to know his Mistress was in command, certainly not the wimp holding the leash. The proud dog loved to mark his territory so every pooch would know his turf. He believed in property rights like The Marquesa.

carlton’s first walk was brisk and the Mastiff was tugging on the leash in a strut that made carlton gallop to keep up. carlton wore a neck collar with a broad ring-he was someone’s pet too. Helmut knew the game but the trusting carlton didn’t. Helmut knew for appearances sake he would let carlton think he was in command, the same carlton who shared his dog dish while having his ass lashed by the crop, the same carlton who kneeled for a doggy treat panting for attention. Helmut spoke no English but he would have the upper hand-uh, paw-in this case.

The dog arrived at his destination first, waiting for the winded slave. Staring at the wimpy carlton, Helmut, as if he was The Marquesa reincarnated growled low. The proud dog emanated power causing carlton to bow his head, casting his eyes downward. he remembered he must stand perfectly still.

The wily dog slowly circled, wrapping the leather leash in tight bondage around carlton, trapping him. The dog then shoved the slave, causing him to fall to the ground in front of the street traffic. carlton panicked as the great dog sat his haunches on the slave’s chest, looking over his shoulder, one big eye looking deep into the soul of the trainee slave.

Cars and pedestrians stopped at the light and stared at the spectacle of the big dog pinning a grown man to the ground. Some were amused and some thought about helping the poor guy but the dog looked very mean and nasty. After a crowd started to gather, Helmut let anybody know, with bared teeth, that carlton was his property, not theirs. carlton sensed that his humiliation was not over. he tried to convince the dog to get up and promised him anything just to go home. People were snickering.

Helmut-as if bored by the wimp’s diatribe-decided it was time. The Mastiff stood up and circled his property as if honing in on a recent kill. Remembering his Mistress’ commands he raised his hind leg and took aim. carlton looked up in terror as the dog let go, marking him so everybody would know. carlton groaned in utter despair, sputtering to regain some control as he was drenched in a public baptism of hot dog piss. his humiliation was complete as the big dog laid down next to him to allow a good Samaritan to unbind the leash. Just when carlton was free to move, the dog lurched forward, dragging the sopping wet slave home. The small crowd stood in disbelief as carlton pleaded for the dog to stop. Upon arriving outside Her townhouse door, Helmut displayed his properly marked property to his Mistress. One could hear the hissing of the crop as it whipped through the air, meeting flesh with a responsive groan. Ah, to be back home again . . . !

“carlton, you are not paying attention to your Mistress. you are being punished, it is that simple!” This bemused Marquesa. The crop flicked under carlton’s chin as She made him gaze into Her glorious emerald eyes, flickering like a big cat eyeing its prey through the tall elephant grass. “Press your ass against the wire cage. Harder you twit! Squeeze those cheeks through! Now you will get twenty with the crop and don’t you dare move or you will regret it.!”

The Marquesa looked down at Her helpless slave pressing his ass cheeks through the wire grate in one-inch squares of fleshy protrusion. Marquesa rubbed oil on his buttocks making him groan as his cock strained in its leather harness. She raised the crop above Her strong, succulent shoulder and brought it down with full force, slashing the air with a hiss and causing the leather to bite into the squares of oily flesh. The mark became white hot, causing Her slave to writhe in agony, but he did not move out of position. Five more caused his buttocks to clench and envelope the wire swollen red, puckering for release. carlton was in shock, blood leaving his head on a mission to win back his ass. his buttocks, crisscrossed with red and purplish lines, pleaded for more. One more slash of the crop caused him to jump across the cage, grabbing his buttocks and whimpering and sobbing for forgiveness.

Marquesa threw down the crop in disgust, walked to the refrigerator, reached into the freezer and retrieved a 6″ frozen dildo. She came back to the cage with a definite purpose in mind.

“carlton, you disobeyed Me again, didn’t you? Come here outside of the cage . . . NOW!”

Her slave begged Her not to do this to him. he writhed in unbearable pain as She ran the frozen dildo along his balls, teasing his ass hole. Slowly, without mercy, She inserted the full six inches into his ass-it was so cold it was hot-carlton was Hers. he would obey without question.

he shuddered as the dildo pierced his inner sanctum with ice pick-stabbing pains. Marquesa stared down as carlton writhed on the floor, screaming in agony as the frozen staff slowly sucked the warmth from his body and causing his teeth to chatter. With blue lips puckering, beseeching and imploring his Mistress to forgive his lowly self, carlton whimpered a muted cry.

“carlton, do I detect a cry for forgiveness? Is My pet suffering the tortures of the damned? carlton, I own you, don’t I? your soul is Mine. you will know no normal pleasures, only My wrath, My commands. I will have your complete obedience. you will perform with unswerving duty and never ever question My divine authority. Do you understand?”

The Marquesa reached for a latex glove.

“Ye . . . ye . . . yes my Goddess . . . anything! i will do anything, just free me. Let me suffer in another way. Please, i beg of You.”

carlton’s bottom was numb with cold, prickly sensitive exploding nerve endings as his skin froze and thawed in waves of agony. he would rather be tied to the cross and suffer under the crop.

The Marquesa slowly reached down grabbing his wilting cock, turning carlton around while staring at his blue bottom. His ass was so numb that he could no longer grab the dildo as it hung loosely, even drooping half-heartedly.

“slave carlton, would you like for Me to retrieve that wicked shaft from your rosebud? Huh, do you need for Me to warm up your ass? Is My puppy dog in dire need of a warming so you know where your bottom is? My, My, will you look here . . . carlton, your rosebud is as wide as a train tunnel! Do you want Mistress to help you? Of course you do, My pet. Suck! Suck on My four fingers . . . there on My rubber glove. You heard Me!” demanded The Marquesa.

The slave moved his wet lips over the outstretched latex fingers as he lovingly caressed Her digits like the little calf beneath its Mother’s teat ducts bulging with milk. The Marquesa’s index finger was Her Power much like a symphony conductor in command of an entire orchestra. carlton caressed her finger, laying his tongue from side to side, engaging in foreplay to tease Her. Marquesa jammed Her fingers down his throat causing him to choke on the rubber.

“Did I give you permission to take pleasure on My exquisite digits? I think not! you never learn, do you? Don’t you vomit on Me or I will whip your ass raw! I am one inch from pulling your tonsils out. Do you want Me to? I am waiting, you disgusting pig! Don’t you turn colors on Me! There! you can breathe now. Lick your slime from My fingers. Turn your silly ass around now!” She said as She spread his cheeks wide apart.

carlton’s eyes bugged out as first two fingers entered his rear end, then a third and finally a forth, massaging his prostate. Then to his utter consternation The Marquesa did the “unmentionable” violating him much like a virgin sacrificing herself on her wedding night. Marquesa fingered him furiously as if a young stud stallion mounted his mare unloading his jism in thrusting spasms.

“carlton, quit moving so much. you know you wanted this so enjoy it! Are you warming to My touch? you see, I can be very kind if I want to, don’t you think?” smirked his Mistress.

carlton tried to move to avoid the pain as Marquesa twisted and probed, letting his agony continue. Every time he moved to avert a thrust of Her digital rape, She went deeper.

“slave carlton, you are disobeying Me again! Do you want Me to keep reaching until I am past My elbow, she said jokingly? It is a pity but you just never do learn, do you? I can reach further until I grab your tonsils from this end! you wouldn’t enjoy that, would you?” She laughed as a Cheshire cat grin enveloped the submissive shadow of the whimpering slave. Marquesa was in total control as She continued with Her upthrusts to gain the slave’s attention.

“Are you warming to My fingers slave? Maybe you won’t be such a naughty boy next time, huh?”

The Marquesa suddenly tired of the discipline task. She had more important things to attend to. She withdrew Her latex gloved-hand from the hidden orifice, tossing Her slave and slamming him to the floor. carlton had the wind knocked out of him as he stared up, looking into his Mistress’ stern green ice eyes. he was overcome by terror as She reached for the frozen dildo.

“slave, you need not fear, I will not use it again, or at least not anytime soon! Besides your little rosebud looks like the mouth of a large mouthed grouper! It will take days to close up and heaven knows I certainly would not want My slave to suffer, now would I?” She asked in a manner that mimicked a mother talking to her child.
“I have grown tired of you, slave. Do you know why, My pet? Oh, you don’t know. You bore Me! I have grown tired of playing with My toy. you are a poor excuse for a man! Even a boy! you can’t possibly satisfy Me as a man” chided The Marquesa.

carlton looked down between his legs at the shriveled spectacle. Tears welled up in his eyes as his cheeks flushed with embarrassment, knowing he could not rise to the occasion. he sobbed for forgiveness, begging to stay as he reached around Her lovely ankle, kissing passionately Her leather covered in-steps. The Marquesa removed Her shoe and forced the slave to inhale the erotically pungent aroma emanating from inside the shoe.

“Lick it! Show Me how devoted you are. Grovel like you never have done before! I am your Goddess and you will worship where I walk. you will ask permission to crawl behind My glorious shadow. Do you understand My slave? you are such a sissy! Tell Me, My pretty. Amuse Me and tell Me why you are not worthy to be a Woman. Inquiring minds want to know!” Mistress said as She reached Her hand around his cock and squeezed, as if milking a cow.

carlton, startled by the turn of events, removed his happily soiled tongue from Her shoe, saying, “Mistress, i want to be, i mean , to please You. i will be Your woman. Just allow me to worship Your body. i want to pay homage to You!” carlton was beside himself, trying desperately to avoid being cast out into the darkness.

“carlton, for you to transform into a woman might possibly amuse Me, to say the least. I should think I may call you carly and you may be trained as My personal maid. Yes, perhaps you will do! you will dress for the part so why don’t you come with Me. I have a few corsets for you to try on to obtain the right Feminine figure. Yes, you could become a proper young Lady. But the hair, that must go. Come with Me, My sweet.”

“carly,” he thought to himself, “not bad.” he was saved and really did not mind as long as he could remain with his Goddess.

Stripped of all clothing, carlton stood still as his Mistress rubbed a depilatory cream over his entire body. he felt a slight stinging as She paid particular attention to his testicles. he was placed into the bathtub as She ran bath water to allow him to soak. In an hour, carly was devoid of any hair including on his head. In a brief visit to a mirror, he was shocked to see himself neutered with no semblance of masculinity. This was beginning to test his resolve to please his Mistress.

Marquesa prepared the proper tool to pierce his ears. The pain made him swoon but he had endured worse. She prepared his bald love head, wrapping a leather minicuff with a ring around it and pulling it down between his thighs, running a knotted thong across his puckering rosebud up his ass crack, attaching it to his waist strap.

Turning to display his new harness to his Mistress, Marquesa noted to Her perplexed maid that “her” newly shaven crotch and hidden love tool made “her” look just like a woman! carly was now ready to be fitted for panties.

The Marquesa made quite a scene in selecting the silky white lace panties. These were high cut at the hips and caressed the rear orbs as if held by human hands. Of particular annoyance were the exaggerated row-upon-row of frou-frou lace surrounding the seat. A silly pick bow centered on the back. carly’s face turned red as “she” blushed at the thought of the humiliating attire as Mistress slowly brought the panties up his legs, caressing his silky smooth legs. A quick yank caused the panties to stretch across “her” ass, chafing the crotch, which tantalized the purple head of “her” cock.

Marquesa proceeded to handcuff carly’s hands to the bedpost as She fastened a cinched corset around carly’s waist. Planting Her well-heeled foot in the small of carly’s back, Marquesa pulled on the cinch cords running through the eyelets, tightening the waist to a very narrow 26 inches. carly gasped, able to breathe only wispy shallow breaths.

The Marquesa put carly’s pads in white lace anklet socks, turning the lacy topping over. 4-inch high heels were used to encase and super arch his tortured feet. The balls of his feet were part of the arch, allowing only his toes to touch the ground. Mistress was sure Her maid would not be able to wander far.

A three-layer petticoat was added around “her” waist, causing the starched rows to jut straight out. A black silk short minidress was lowered over carly’s shoulders once “she” was uncuffed from the bedpost. With the combination of the starched taffeta petticoats and the black lace-edged silk dress propped up, there was no chance to hide the embarrassing panties.

carly’s humiliation was not complete, however. A blonde wig with long, lustrous feminine curls and a bow was placed atop carly’s bald head. Marquesa took great care to draw the proper eyebrow pencil over “her” faint brow. A little liner on the lashes with a curler allowed more flutter. Eye shadow in blue brought out the blond hair. A little rough, just enough so carly did not look like a little whore. Ruby red lipstick with a liner enhanced her petulant, pouty lips. A beauty mark on the cheek was the final touch.

carly saw herself in the mirror, staring in utter disbelief at the transformation. she turned hobbling in the high heels as Mistress lowered the back of her panties, smacking the maid’s seat with loving spanks. “you are such a tease, you little hussy. you are almost good enough to eat,” admired the blond Goddess.

carly was pleased at the change in Marquesa’s attitude. But Mistress had to begin maid’s training despite affectionately caressing her pantied bottom. “Have you ever dusted before carly?” She asked.

carly desperately wanted to please her Mistress in the worst way and nodded in the affirmative. Marquesa smiled as She took a long handled duster and started to rub Vaseline on it.

“Bend over carly. you are going to dust with your rear end. I must admit I do enjoy watching you go through your paces. Do be careful with My china. I would hate to have to spank your pretty bottom with that cruel hairbrush!”

The Marquesa laughed a wicked sardonic laugh as carly began her ordeal rotating her hips to case the duster to flutter across the delicate china.

Such was the beginning of carly’s ordeal. Helmut was stretched out over the carpet watching in a bemused fashion at the silly spectacle of the she-male carefully trying to avoid the curio treasures.


It had happened! It was inevitable!

Marquesa tapped carly on the shoulder and beckoned with Her index finger, leading the maid over to the veranda. Sitting on the settee displaying Her lovely legs, Mistress dragged the pleading maid over Her knee, yanking the duster out of Her ass. Whap! Whap! Whappp! The wicked hairbrush struck with a fury not yet known to carly. The poor maid thrashed over Her knee, kicking and squealing for mercy. The mascara started to run down her cheeks, immersed in tears.

The Marquesa did everything to perfection. Her gorgeous strawberry blond hair cascaded to Her lovely shoulders as Her cruel muscular right arm raised above, circling like a hawk ready to pounce and catch the weeping carly off guard. Whap! The sound reverberated like a rifle shot throughout the room. Surely the neighbors could hear. Between the ever-increasing pain of the brush and the total humiliation of being treated like a naughty child over Mistress’ knee, carly did not know which was worse.

The rhythm of the loud crescendo of the hairbrush followed by the cry of the maid developed into a steady cadence. Marquesa loved this part-the control, the power, the abject submission and the final humiliation! carly was losing all control, thrashing all over Mistress’ lap, trying desperately to avoid the onslaught of the cruel hairbrush. But Marquesa was a perfectionist and She would not relent until the throbbing bottom developed into the proper shade of tomato red. Mistress would not be deterred by the bleating of Her lamb. She wanted Her maid to know who was in command, and ultimately, to submit to anything She might dish out!

While the rhythm continued the Mistress raised Her knee to present the supple elastic maid’s bottom for a repeat effort. After some twenty five licks, the thrashing settled down to a slow grinding of carly’s hips on The Marquesa’s sinewy lap, desperately grabbing at Mistress’ thighs.

carly screamed out with the first whappy spank but changed to a sigh and groan as her endorphin kicked in neutralizing the pain as if she was a marathon runner in the last leg of a race. carly had hit the wall and was into the pain, the cadence, the relishing of submission. Marquesa watched the transformation and was pleased that everything was going to plan. It was part of the training.

Overcome with ecstasy, grinding away, humping Mistress’ lap like a rabbit thumping its mate, carly could not control her biological urge. The Marquesa watched and suddenly stopped the spanking, leaving Her maid exasperated in a twilight limbo between pleasure and pain. The disappointed carly lay over Her lap looking back over her shoulder up at the green eyes of her Tormentress.

“carly, you didn’t think I was going to let you enjoy this, did you? you are being punished for being naughty, My sweet,” She said as She tantalized the maid’s bottom cheeks with the tips of Her razor sharp erotic red-polished nails, slowly teasing in circular motions causing a prickly electricity. “you will remain over My knee while you come down off of your high and beg for more. you were very naughty again. you are not allowed pleasure unless I give you permission. Now, present you bottom to Me and beg!” Marquesa demanded.

carly groaned and pleaded for more punishment. “Please Mistress, i beg You, punish my bottom. i have been ever so naughty, so selfish, and so inconsiderate. Please begin my torment!”

“I will begin and soon end your agony My pet but we are going to come to an understanding. Whatever, whenever and in front of whomever, you will present yourself for punishment when you know you deserve it, no matter how embarrassed you are. Do you understand Me?” Marquesa was clear on this point as She drove it home with a wicked spank for emphasis.

carly understood and wept as she presented her bottom for more chastisement. Whap! Whap! Whap! It began again. Over and over……. but this time the pain was there, not the pleasure. Yelping, pleading, screaming and begging filled the room. carly was on the road of no return.

Helmut had a look on his face that showed he was pissed. carly’s carrying on had disturbed his nap. The dog, much like a cartoon character, crossed his paws over his head, covering his ears as poor carly screamed out pleas for help trying desperately to avoid the cascading hairbrush.

It was going to be a very long night and Marquesa had not even been served dinner! carly did not even know how to cook. Whhapp! But she got her most fervent wish fulfilled, he didn’t have to leave. No, not for a long time. However, little did the poor sap know his extended tour in Mistress’ presence would cost him dearly. But, of course, it would be worth whatever it would take!