it was the end of the party and he was  all alone. Just as he had arrived, alone. As he piercingly felt it had always been, even so depressingly he was entirely, altogether, and solely and completely alone. He was all by himself in what had been the largest and loudest New Year’s Eve party he’d ever attended all by himself alone.

He was still somewhat youngish-looking. His multiplying and strengthening aches and pains told a different story of his crash diving down into middle-aged emptiness. And his unfulfilled hunger for love [so far unrequited] unstoppably grew on and on, terminally! Oh! for a sweet caress from a good woman who genuinely cared about him–the human being, the man, the lover and life partner he’d always yearned to be. But it all seemed to have somehow surpassed him bye-bye starting in his youth’s bygone days. Like all New Years events {and truth to tell all the other festive and/or romantic failures} this was another disappointment carved indelibly upon his (not even a Casanova, Cyrano de Bergerac’s scribe would have been far more than enough) notch-less bed-post.

More and more lugubriously he had inexorably and unexorcisably become stoically resigned to lethargically succumbing, surrendering, and submitting gloomily to the unavoidable, unconquerable, unstoppable juggernaut of his Poe-ic fatefully fateful ‘fait accompli.’ Even while this wingding was in high spirits, there were moments of unobstructed realisation–try in vain as he mightily did to deny or escape from each one of them. When he was totally and brutally honest with himself, grudgingly he admitted in part that his aloneness was not only caused by his rejection or ignoring by others. Always having been a bookworm did little for advancing his social skills.  Becoming a computer systems networking, security, and artificial intelligence expert and bibliophile had crucified and slain what scattered and moisture-less fragments remained of the bare bones of a comatose social life he might have been able to keep on life support via heroic measures in the intensive care ward.

He was in a room in his only really close friend Howard’s house. This jovial, extraverted homeowner was unexpectedly called away. Nevertheless, Howard had insisted that the party be thrown there anyway. And this very generous and trusting man had said the hardware and software wizard could stay overnight.

He was contemplating his night alone on the couch when suddenly he felt soft fingers running through his soft, silky hair which had gone completely snow-white almost a couple of decades ago. As if by telepathy (or perhaps the glorious answer to multitudes of verbalised and/or unspoken beseechings of The Ruler of all the heavens and the earth) a sweet, soothing, young, feminine voice said “Such sweet, silky hair. A bit like my lovely dress. Don’t you think it’s catching your most attractive eyes?”

He looked up to see an attractive and certainly shapely young lady towering over and peering down upon him. Her extraordinary height was enhanced by her statuesque stiletto heels. He’d been so consumed by his all-consuming angst, he hadn’t even heard them clicking loudly as she majestically strode across the highly polished Travertine floor gleaming beneath her long- high-arched feet replete with prettily painted, perfectly pedicured toenails. Her reddish-blonde hair was raised up but with a gentle cascade of tantalising strands and ringlets falling along her soft, elegantly swanlike neck and flowing down over her rounded, surprisingly slender shoulders and continuing nearly to her hourglass figure’s waistline. Her much more than pretty face had a regally and yet becalming, slightly playful expression. She was sophisticatedly and still somewhat coquettishly swathed from robust bosom (flirtatiously unveiled and unleashed courtesy of a deliciously and subtly plunging neckline) to trim ankles {on the longest and shapeliest legs he’d never forget even after innumerable future incarnations each one in an alternate universe’s myriad of virtual realities} in a brightly glittering, golden satin evening gown. At the centre of this couture’s magnum opus was a wondrously intricate, lacy bow made of ring scarf-quality Kashmir. And in the midst of this beguilingly magnifical bow, a bright jewel shone and hypnotically reflected the low light in this suddenly most marvellous room in all creation and beyond.

“I am Krysta, Howard’s brand new stepsister. I don’t believe we’ve met. My brother told me all about what a good guy you are. He also said you might be using our couch tonight.”

She held out a large, long-fingered, remarkably gentle, completely feminine, glamorously manicured hand. Nervously, he clasped it. And as she returned his hand’s embrace, he felt her thumb softly stroke, tease, and temptingly tickle the soft, yielding to her charms flesh between his thumb and forefinger. She had such wonderful, long, ruby red nails.

“Howard did talk about the great new additions to his family. We have never met. I, uh, I’d always no ne never forget ma me meeting a gah go goddess like you. I’m happy you don’t mind me spending the night here. Yes, I never seem to get much out of New Years Eve. But staying here would be more than really nice.”

“Well, the size of the crowd that was out their did at times become a bit oppressive. And a few of the tipsier folks did get a little ugly. But there’s just one thing about you sleeping here.”

“What’s that?” he asked hesitantly.

“I don’t know you well yet. And although you seem like a nice sort of mature gentleman, I would prefer to make sure that you are sound asleep before I finally go to bed. Sooo the sooner you rest that sleeeeeeepier head of yours the better…”

He was a little taken aback..

“I’m sorry, but I usually take a while getting to sleep. Sometimes, I’m wide awake even until the early hours.”

She tut tutted. “No sireee, I think we will have to make a little more effort tonight. Don’t you agree?”

“Uh what do you mean by WE?!!” he said.

“All in good time. First, tell me more about what you do to make your daily bread. I really like Howard, but his explanation of what you two do in that high techie lab of yours was a bit vague. Then again, it could be me,” she acknowledged with a mirthful little chuckle.

As he’d unsuccessfully tried on all too many occasions, he told her in detail what kind of work he did. To his relief, astonishment, and captivation this time was markedly different from what usually happened. For a layperson, her grasp of his occupation was acutely astute. Some of her questions were even more probing and precise than some inquiries made by some who fancied themselves as far more computer savvy than the average bear.

As their in-depth tête-à-tête continued, he noticed the meteoric rise in his comfort level with her. He was also keenly aware that he wasn’t always able to stifle one of those blasted yawns he now no longer wished for with all his heart and mind, body and soul

They were thoroughly engrossed in discussing some other topic. Without missing a beat she chimed in with, “Now returning to what we’ll do about you looking and feeling sooooooo sleeeeeeepier. Ommmmmmm I suppose Howard didn’t tell you. I may not look or sound much like a new age sort of gal, but I am into aromatherapy and relaxxxation. Perhaps I may be able to help you get some rest even more so. Will you let me?”

“Well, if you like.” he said

“Ok now just move forward a little and come closer to me. Don’t be alarmed just because you are surely becoming even drowsier. Now, just look even closer than you already are at this wonderful jewel soothingly shining out from the centre of my dress. Don’t be bashful! now. Just look at it’s sooooooo relaxing you. Don’t try to stare hard. Just let your eyes, tiring after such a long day, ressst upon it so very sleepily. Resst softly like a sofft, downy feather effortlessly dropping noiselessly down! down!! down!!! onto the floor.”

As she soporifically spoke, her classically womanly hips on that eye-catching, athletic figure began swinging slightly–and in his hopeful eyes seductively sensuously. He watched the multi-facetted and multicoloured jewel flashing before him. He was aware of the pacifying sea of soft, golden satin in which it securely nestled. That exquisite giantess’s only an infinitesimal smidgen less exquisite dress’s material was rippling slightly, languidly, languorously.

His slightly flushed skin was also somewhat aware of the end of the bow on the dress deftly brushing against his forehead, back….and forth…back… and forth. It brushed the very centre of his forehead just above his nose. As he focussed on feeling it even more, he felt calm, rested, comforted as the silken fabric deliciously brushed ever so delicately back and forth.

Above him Krysta’s voice seemed clear and very soothing…

“That’s right where you want and need to be calmed down to sleepiness. All the completely tranquilizing and pacifying essential elements of my bewitchingly irresistible elixir for your relaxation are before you. The soft lighting of this restful nighttime is flashing from my lovely jewel. This gemstone of peacefully dreamier sleepiness is glittering before your very droopier and drowsier eyelids. It soothes you sooooooo very much more so. Is it not so? The soft, little, playful strokes of the bow on my sweet, silken dress relaxxx you further into restfulness. Now all you need is something soporifically soothing to transform the quality of the air you are ever so slowwwwly breathing.”

He sensed her movement and suddenly felt  soft, misty liquid being sprayed around one of his ears. he looked up with a start somewhat suppressed by his drowsiness. Krysta giggled slightly…

“Just one of my fragrant, relaxing aroma’s. Some declare it smells kind of like the sweetest lavender. Only thanks to the secret ingredients it is far more fragrant and more sweetly soothing. Do you remember ever having had lavender put on your beddie bye’s pillow as a child? My cuddly and so very sleeeeeeepy, baby-faced boy, you look sooooooo cute as you keep on inhaling the vapours are relaxxxing you even more than most people. Your senses and your well-developed mind enhance your succumbing to these soporifically sleeeeeeepiness-inducing vapours. The restfully peaceful, peacefully restful scent, fragrance, and aroma sso specially designed by me just to sssend you to safe, contented sleeeeeeep.”

While giggling almost imperceptibly, she sprayed the spray across his forehead, by his other ear, and on his neck. Slowly running her playful fingertips and then some of her sparkling nails across his cheek as she cupped his jaw in her other huge yet somehow maternally delicate hand was a sensual mesmerist’s masterstroke of genius. Krysta cunningly added so many luscious layers to her spells cast by sensuously subjecting her subject to a spellbinding set of sensual sensory stimuli.

He suddenly became aware of the most wonderful fragrance welling up from his neck upwards. Never had he smelled anything like it. And he liked it even more than ever. He was so enthralled by this aromatic fragrance. He had to breathe it in deeper and even more deeply. He then noticed Krysta’s face blur slightly like a photograph becoming slightly pixilated or the sepia images of yesteryear. When she spoke her voice echoed and sounded somehow distant but more soothing than ever.

Drowsily he kept his eyes dreamily locked on hers as she placed soft hands on either side of his head. She slowly traced tenderly tendered circles on the sides of his neck Just beneath his ears and sometimes below his jaws. He could not move. He was held in this soothingly hypnotising embrace by this golden maiden of mesmerism. And her dress, her dress looked amazing. Rippling dunes of golden satin danced entrancingly before him. All he knew and perceived about her was intoxicatingly fascinating. Everything his senses picked up was inviting him to certainly succumb and surrender surely into the ever-deepening drowsiness of softly soothing rest.

“You see, hear, and feel how my essence, and other specimens of sensuality, have made it so easier for you to yield to your sooo sleepy and compliant self’s calmer nature. You feel that you are in paradise. You couldn’t even imagine attempting in vain to move your sleepier consciousness from me and my influences overwhelming you. Even if you had the strongest will in the whole world, you are already mine to encircle and ensorcel into entrancingly sleepier sleepiness. Now listen to my soothing words are assisting you in relaxing you even more. Sofft, gentle whispers designed to combine with my sweet massage and enchanting aromas. All your senses and everything is here to carry your tired, little, sooooooo much sleepier head to the peaceful land of sofft, sleepy hypnosis. A relaxing land of golden satin dreams as you get sleepier and sleeeeeeepier. Be aware of my gentle but commanding and compelling eyes watching over you. You are safe, so cared for, comforted, and coddled. You are sooooooo relaxxxed. feeling soo much more sleepier as you breathe in even more deeply the soporific, dreamy fragrance. And you adore acknowledging your attractions to now feel my gentle, soothing, but oh so arousing caress.”

“Now my little angel, you need to rest your tiring head becoming sleepier with each and every drowsier moment. To ressst in soothingly arresting slumbers is all that is on your sleepier mind. To you it is increasingly obvious it is long past timelessness for you to finally come to ressst. You are aware of the ripples of golden-coloured silken, sleepy but arousing, sssilky ssssatin fabric around you. They billow around you. They are sleepily beckoning you . You want to be wrapped up in them. Being enveloped by them is all you desire. Oh how wondrous it feels being swathed sofftly in their soothing yet sensuously stimulating embrace. Don’t even imagine expending the much too tiring effort to fight in vain against it. Don’t fear it as it’s magnifical magic spell spells your surrendering to it is increasing. Just trusssst me and surrender to the sssatin spells. Let your head finally fall as you breathe my heady, hedonistically sleepy yet arousing fragrance. Feel your manhood rise as my whispers fade into the distance, but still remain in your thoughts and feelings. All is well indeed, as you rest your head in the land of golden, silky satin dreams.”

his head was wrapped in her dress’s folds. His drowsy eyelids closed down completely shut tight. She smiled..

“Unzipping all those computer files you told me about before you came to tonight’s party must have made you tired my love. NOW let me unzip YOU! in more ways than one.