I sat in the darkness pondering my experiences of the last few months.  I never would have dreamed that I would find myself in this situation and yet I loved this plight.  No, it was stronger than that; I actually cherished my current life situation.


It seemed to have all started so innocently and what seemed like so long ago.


I remember browsing an erotic hypnosis community website, as I so often did.  I love reading the stories and fantasizing about the dominant women, imagining what they could do to me.  What influences and control they could have while I was under their trances.  I secretly wished for all of these fantasies to come true.  I had even been so bold as to buy and listen to a few sessions from one or two of these dominant seductresses.  I was hooked on erotic hypnosis


Then one evening I came across a ‘free’ session.  The title sounded so innocent.  ‘Embrace’ it was called, from the Goddess Marquesa.  I had never heard of her before but as I read some of her postings she sounded so enticing.  I read more and more of her posts and finally visited her website.  She was so intriguing and alluring.  I felt the need to get to know her more deeply so I down loaded her free session called ‘Embrace’


That night, I listened to it, several times, and was surprised by the immediate affect it had on me.  I could not get the Goddess Marquesa’s voice and suggestions out of my head.  I felt a deep ‘curiosity’ and a strong need to contact the Goddess Marquesa.  And so, I sent her an email, inquiring about her work.


Meanwhile I continued listening to ‘Embrace’, again and again, and again; not being able to get the soft soothing voice out of my head.  I made a decision.   I would embark on the ‘journey’ of which she spoke and which she encouraged me to take.  Later the next day, her email response also arrived.  I felt my pulse quicken, my hands shake as I opened and read her reply.  I was so excited.


Her words on the screen were like silk and melted into my mind.  She said she was glad I had contacted her; she recommended a couple of her sessions to start my journey and asked me a few more questions about my desires and fantasies.  Later, that night I acquired and began listening to the recordings she recommended; ‘Hypnotic Surrender’ and ‘Trust and Assurance’.


Yes, it all seemed so long ago.  And what a wonderful journey it has been.


The days past and the hypnotic programming increased until I was so wantonly passionate over my new mistress that my need and my desire was so great that I was all consumed by her alluring power and my need for her.  I could hardly stand a day going by without the sound of her melodic and alluring voice in my mind.


Then one day, I don’t remember exactly how it came to be, but I found a slip of paper in my pocket with an address on it.  As I held the paper in my hand I couldn’t help but feel the need to go to the address.  My conscious mind told me to throw the slip of paper away but my inner mind resisted and in fact encouraged me to get in my car immediately and drive to the address.  It was like having an insatiable need.  For the moment, I simply put the paper back in my pocket.


Again the day past and my need grew and grew as I listened to my wonderful and all powerful Mistress Marquesa.  I was consumed with my need for her.


One day I found myself at the address on the slip of paper.  I don’t even remember how I arrived there.  My mind fuzzy but raging with need and I was on the doorstep on my knees and staring up at the doorbell.  A strong inner voice crying out for me to ring the bell.  I felt my hand reach up with my finger extended and I pushed the bell.


I heard the crisp click, click, click of heeled shoes walking to the door.  My head dropped, eyes staring at the ground.  “Welcome my brave little man”, said a familiar melodic voice, “I have been expecting you”.  I raised my eyes to see a beautiful and commanding woman with long flowing golden hair and emerald eyes looking down at me.  I recognized her instantly.  She was the Goddess Marquesa from my hypnotic training.


My heart raced and my arousal soared, as I stared up at this mesmerizing and fantastically beautiful woman.  Her sumptuous bosom rose and fell before my eyes as she breathed.  Her deep green eyes seemed to pierce my very soul and yet her gaze was so pleasing, soothing, loving and inviting.


She commanded me to get to my feet and offered me her hand.  My hand shook as I extended it and held it out to her.  I was in heaven.  I could not speak, as my mind swirled with erotic thoughts and my arousal continued to grow.  I felt my manhood swell and wondered if she noticed.  But of course, I knew that she did.


“I have been wondering when you would come to serve me, my little pet”, she said.  “I have so much for you to do and for you to learn.”  She led me to a room where a pretty redhead dressed in a very short and revealing French maid’s outfit joined us.  Goddess Marquesa introduced me to Melinda and told me she was her senior female and trusted servant.  Melinda would be preparing me for my role in the house.


As we walked through the immense house I noticed how big and beautiful it was, with tall ceilings and multiple stair cases.  Every room was decorated with the finest of furnishings, paintings, sculptures and carpets. The house was huge and sumptuous, fitting of a Goddess.  I thought to myself that it must take a large dedicated staff to maintain this house.  Little did I know that I was about to be given the privilege to become one of these servants.


Melinda led me to the back of the house to a small bed room.  “This will be your room”, she said.  “You are not to speak unless you are spoken to, do you understand?”  I simply nodded.  “Your role will be to clean the bathrooms of the house everyday.  You are very fortunate to have this responsibility but you must make sure that they are spotless and exceeding clean or you will be punished.  Do you understand?” she asked.  Again, I nodded that I understood.  She told me that I needed to prepare and be dressed appropriately for my new role.  She told me to strip and I did.  At which point she saw my raging hard on.  “That won’t do she said”.  She told me to lay face down on the bed.  She began to remove all of my hair with special hair removal oil.  The perfume from the oil made me light headed and dizzy.  It smelled so sensual and I became even more aroused.


Once she had finished rubbing the oil all over my back and the backs of my legs, she told me to lie on my back.  She began to work on my chest, removing all of my hair there, rubbing my nipples until they were taught and hard.  She then worked her way up from my feet, stroking my calves and my inner thighs.  She eventually reached my crotch and began to remove my genital hair.


By now, my arousal was indescribable and my cock as hard and erect as it had ever been.  Small drops of pre-cum clung to the head and continued to flow out from the head.  Finally she said that it was obvious that she needed to relieve my arousal.  Slowly she stroked my cock until I could no longer stand the agony and I came, long and hard.


She cleaned me up with a warm cloth.  Then she brought out a chastity belt and began to fit me.  “That was your last orgasm for a very long time or until Mistress allows you another.” she said.  We simply can’t have you running about doing your chores with a raging hard on now, can we?”


Melinda tried the different ring sizes of the CB3000 rings until she found the one that fit the best and tightest.  “It seems you are about average in size.” she said.  She then lubricated the curved sleeve and slid it over my now flaccid cock.  My cock slid easily into the curved tube and she fitted the pins.  I heard the ‘click’ of the lock.  I again started to become aroused.


I could feel my cock begin to swell and strain against the plastic tube.  :”Oh! It looks like this is an arousing feeling for you” she said.  “Is this your first time being ‘locked up.’ she asked?”  I nodded in positive affirmation.  “Well” she said, “I can see you are going to love your new servitude and service here” she laughed.


She dressed me in the rest of my outfit, a nice lacy pair of pink panties and white French maid smock which barely covered my ass.  She told me meals were at 7:00 AM, noon and 6:00 PM and not to be late or else I would go hungry.  She also showed me a pair of stereo headphones that were plugged into a jack in the wall above my bed.  She told me that I must listen to hypnosis twice a day, once at 5AM and again at 9:00 PM before bed.  These sessions were required to continue my training and that if I missed them I would be severely punished.


She then gave me my cleaning supplies and took me to each bathroom.  There were nine.  She told me that each of these needed to be cleaned twice a day and that I was never to enter one if someone was already present.  She said if I failed to clean the bathrooms twice a day and that if anyone complained about their cleanliness and sanity that I would be severely punished.  She did not go into detail but it was clear from the way she said this that it would be painful.  She then left me.


I cleaned each bathroom, twice a day.  I scrubbed the tile floors until they shined.  I cleaned the tile showers and tubs until the porcelain shone and glass sparkled.  I made the sink and mirrors spotless and made sure all of the towels and linens were replaced every day.  I did this lovingly every day, for days.


One day, while I was finishing up a bathroom, Goddess Marquesa walked in.  I immediately fell to my knees and lowered my face to the floor.  She grabbed my chin and pulled my face up to hers.  I was in awe of her beauty, her gorgeous body, long curvaceous legs, perfectly shaped breasts and incredible face with deep green alluring eyes.  I trembled with arousal at the sight of her.


She told me what a wonderful job I had done.  I beamed with joy and gratefulness to hear her voice.  She said she thought I deserved a reward for being such a ‘good little cleaning boy.  She stood before me in all of her glory, dressed in a black leather bustier, a sheer pair of black nylon stockings attached to the built in bustier garters and a pair of small black panties.


It was then that I noticed the small green butterfly that adorned the crotch of her black panties.  The center of the butterfly was a dark sparkling green and wings were a lighter green.  They seemed to flutter in the light.  I could not stop staring at the sparkling green butterfly.  “Do you like my butterfly, my little boy toy?  Does it arouse you?” Goddess Marquesa asked.  I nodded my head “yes”.  “Come here my little one and let me reward you for doing such a good job at cleaning my bathroom.”


Still on my knees, I leaned forward closer to the sparkling butterfly, its wings shimmering in the light, my mind whirled and I felt dizzy.  I was so aroused and I felt my trance deepen.  I was completely under her spell.  It was then that I saw the thick creamy white liquid coming out from a small slit in the panties right near the end of the butterfly.


“Would you like to taste my nectar?” Goddess Marquesa asked.  I immediately nodded yes.  “Go ahead my good little cleaning boy.  Earn your reward” she said.  I felt my tongue extend and dip into the first few drops of her nectar.  Oh how sweet it was.  I felt my arousal shoot up, my cock strain in pain as it fought against the chastity tube.  Oh how exquisite was the feeling.  I continued to feast on her nectar and my arousal continued to climb.  I could hardly stand the feeling of pleasure and pain.  My trance deepened and deepened.  “That’s it my little boy toy, continue to please me.  You make me feel so good.”


As I continued to feast I heard Goddess Marquesa moan.  I thought I was going to lose my mind.  I was in ecstasy.  “Oh, you are doing so well, my little man”.  I heard her say.  “As you feed, your submissiveness will strengthen and your servitude to me deepen.  “Go deeper my love, go deeper.”  Goddess Marquesa was moaning and could sense that she was at the brink of her orgasm.  Finally I heard her orgasm overtake her and felt her hand on the back of my head and driving my mouth into the entrance to the powerful center of her womanhood.


As her orgasm subsided, she released my head.  Finally, I could not stand it anymore and I fell back in complete bliss and the ecstasy and the agony of my physical excitement as my cock pressed against the chastity tube and my swollen balls strained against the ring.


“What a good job you have done my little pet.” She said “Let me reward you.  She reached down and pulled aside my pink panties, exposing my CB3000 encased cock.  My cock had leaked pre-cum and my balls were swollen and red with excitement.  She stroked my swollen balls arousing me even more and causing my leaking to increase.  She slipped her finger across the end of the chastity tube picking up a sample of my pre-cum in the process.  She then placed her finger on my lips and fed me the liquid of my arousal.  I moaned and I was filled with joy at being her wonderful servant.  I then simply remember passing out.


When I awoke, I found myself in my room, on my bed with the headphones on listening to another of Goddess Marquesa’s wonderful hypnotic sessions programming me deeper and deeper into my servitude and my love for her.  At the end of the session I drifted off into blissful sleep and had numerous erotic dreams of her.


I continued to clean the bathrooms day after day, loving each moment and hoping to see the Goddess Marquesa again.  One day Melinda came to me right after dinner.  She told me that I would not be having a hypnotic session tonight and that Goddess Marquesa required my presence.  I remember feeling so elated and happy.  I remembered back to my last encounter with Goddess Marquesa and wondered what she had in store for me.  I knew what ever it was that it would be a cherished experience.


I was led up a set of spiral stair cases to the third floor of the house.  I was taken to a large and sumptuous bedroom.  I was left alone in silence, not a word or command being uttered.  The air was still and quiet.  The walls were decorated with erotic paintings and there were sculptures in erotic poses here and there.  Beautifully colored silks hung from the ceilings. There was a large comfortable bed at one end of the room and it was covered in a plush and beautiful dark green comforter.  I knew this must be Goddess Marquesa’s bedroom and a wave of emotion and thrill went through me.


A gentle breeze caught my attention and I saw that the doors to a balcony were open.  I walked over to the balcony.  I had never seen a view from the house to the outside.  I was awestruck with the scene.  The balcony over looked a beautifully well-kept garden full of flowers and trees. The evening light was faint as it faded and the outside air was warm to the skin.  A little further in the distance the ocean could be seen and waves heard.  It was a hue of dark blue as the evening light diminished.  It was a wonderful night and I felt calm and wonderful as well.


I heard sounds of rustling cloth from the room and turned just in time to see the most beautiful figure of a woman enter the center of the room.  I did not know from where she had come but I could feel her aura and power fill the room, it was electric.


“Hello, my little pet”, she said.  “I am so glad you could join me.  I fell to my knees with my head down as she spoke to me.  “I am so glad to be your humble servant”, I said.  “And a good little slave you are to me too”, she said.  “I still remember the day in the bathroom when you pleasured me so well and you have continued to keep my bathrooms clean as well.  I am pleased with you.”  My arousal soared on her words and I felt so happy.


She looked down at me and took my chin in her hand raising my face.  “So I thought it was time to test your programming little one”, she said.  “Yes, you have been given lots of programming each day as you listened to my sessions.  I thought it was time to test you to see how well all of that programming has taken hold.  Are you ready for this?” she asked.  My pulse quickened and my breathing accelerated.  “Oh, yes Mistress.  I am so ready”, I stammered.


“Good” she said as she led me to the bed.  She asked me to lie on the bed and she began to stroke my neck and face.  My arousal immediately shot up and I could feel my cock strain in the chastity tube.  It hurt yet it felt so good.  “I see you are becoming aroused she said.  That’s good.  That is what I need.”  She said.  Her fingers moved to my chest and nipples.  My mind was screaming with pleasure and pain.


She opened her robe and I could see that she was completely naked.  She was beautiful.  Her skin was soft and perfect.  Her breasts were round and perfectly shaped with pouting pink areolas, tipped with erect taught nipples.  I so wanted to kiss them.  Her hips were perfectly shaped and I could just make out a small wisp of perfectly trimmed pubic hair hiding the entrance to her womanhood.


“Would you like to kiss my breasts?” she asked.  I was in ecstasy and nodded, yes.  I moved to her perfect breasts and kissed them all over.  My tongue slid over her pink areolas and they flared even higher.  They were magnificent.  I heard her moan softly.  I gently sucked her nipples and felt her rise off the bed offering her breasts to me.  I was in heaven.


She rolled over onto her stomach and instinctively I knew what to do.  I kissed the nape of her neck.  I gently nibbled at the back of her neck and worked my way down the center of her spine and each of the sides of her back.  My passion was immeasurable as I became more and more aroused as I tried to give her all of the pleasure she deserved.  I worked my way down her body, kissing her and nipping her buttocks with my teeth.  Kissing the , the backs of her thighs and her calves.  Finally I made my way down to her feet, kissing and licking them and eventually taking her toes into my mouth.  I was in bliss.


Then she rolled over again onto her back.  I moved back up to her breasts, again kissing them gently all over her flesh and sucking her nipples.  She then pressed my head down towards her hips.  I kissed her ribs, her stomach and belly.  She continued to push my head lower and lower.  She spread her legs.  I kissed her inner thighs and she started to moan.  I looked up to see the outer lips of her vagina, pink and swollen and engorged with the blood of her passion.  Her inner lips began to part, her clitoris swelled and her female juices began to flow out.  I thought I was going to lose my mind at the wonderful and erotic site of her.


I ran my tongue across her slit to catch her juices and to savor the flavor of her nectar.  Her hips rose and fell with passion and her moans increased.  I continued to lick and lust after her.  My mouth and her womanhood locked in a dance of passion and pleasure.  I continued to lick and love her and I could begin to feel her orgasm rising from her inner body.  She began to writhe and moan more loudly.  She took both her hands and grabbed the back of my neck, driving me into her.  Suddenly I felt her entire body shake and her legs locked around my head.  I thought she was going to pull me into her very center.   Then her arousal subsided and I heard her breath soften.


“What a good and passionate little boy toy you are” she said.  “Now let’s see if you can respond to your programming.” she said with a twinkle in her eye.  I was so aroused and excited and did not really know what she meant but I felt as if I was ready for anything.  When I saw her put the strap on around her waist something triggered inside me.  I became so excited at the anticipation that I could not place what was driving this feeling.


We lay on the bed together side by side with her behind me.  She reached up between my legs and stroked my balls.  My encased cock strained against the chastity tube and I shook with pleasure.  It was then I felt the tip of the dildo touch my anus.  I suddenly felt myself relax and my programming took over.  I wanted and needed her to enter me so badly.  I could feel my need for it.  And then it happened.  I felt her penetrate me and I knew I was complete.  I had given her the ultimate pleasure and I had performed the ultimate submission.  I was complete and one with her.  I was hers forever and I knew that I had finally found the fantasy that I had dreamed of.  My life would be in bliss forever.  What more could I ever ask for I thought as I drifted off to sleep.