I was woken by the soft touch of a gentle foot against the back of my neck. My first sensation was of being completely drained. I could remember nothing about the night before except the feeling of ecstasy. I had cum repeatedly, gasping and screaming, spilling what seemed like impossible buckets of semen.

“Wakey wakey,” a voice said from above. Despite my feeling so emptied, these two words made my cock instantly ramrod stiff.

“Yes, Goddess,” I intoned obediently, without knowing why. Looking up, I recognized the captivating legs that stood over me, and as my gaze traveled up the luscious curves of the woman who had awakened me, I felt a surge of passion and arousal that I knew I had experienced before. As I looked into her face, I sensed that this was not the first time I had been held captive by her exquisite green eyes.

“Who am I?” I asked.

“Don’t you remember?” she chuckled, with a smile so enchanting I could feel my heart contract at the sight.

“No, Goddess,” I replied. “All I can remember is how much I adore You.”

“That’s sweet, considering W/we just met last night,” she said. “I guess I overdid it a bit with you and the others.”

“Others?” I grunted. Looking to my left and right, I could see two other men and one woman asleep in heaps on the bedroom floor. Like me they were naked and showed signs of exhaustion. Drool trailed from slack mouths and dried fluids splattered the carpet around each inert form. Heaps of formal clothing were scattered everywhere, thrown aside hastily in an obvious rush to undress.

“Yes,” the Goddess sighed, looking at the state of her boudoir. “You were all so fascinated by Me at the Christmas party last night and I was in a festive mood, so I decided to entrance the lot of you and indulge in some holiday cheer.”

At these words images filled my mind.

We were all pressed in a huddle around Goddess, hanging on her every word as she laughed and flirted with us. I could not see the others clearly in my mind’s eye because I had been so focused on Her. She was stunning in a black evening dress and silver necklace. I had never been so charmed and so aroused all at once by anyone I had encountered before. At some point as I drank in her words and savored her beauty, my eyes became heavy, my heartbeat slowed, my muscles relaxed….

Later, back at her house, we were pressed against Goddess’s naked body in a tangle. Moans filled the air as we strained to stroke her, lick her, serve her in any way she commanded. The rubbery feeling in my arms and legs suggested that the grappling had gone on for hours.

“The eagerness with which you ate My pussy last night tells Me that you probably know your way around a kitchen,” the Goddess surmised. “Let’s let the others sleep for now. Go make Me some breakfast.”

I did as the Goddess ordered, too focused on pleasing her to worry about trivial questions like my own identity. In the kitchen I found eggs, bacon, coffee, and a package of grits. When the meal was prepared I put everything on a tray and returned to the bedroom.

As I entered the room a loud clatter rang out. A cover had fallen off of the AC return vent on one wall, dislodged by a black boot kicking from inside the duct. As I watched bemused, the black boot was followed by a red-clad leg, and after some grunting and squeezing Santa Claus dropped from the open vent onto the carpet of the bedroom.

“Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas. Goddess!” Saint Nick declaimed.

“Dammit, Santa, can’t you use a door?” the Goddess scolded, rising from her bed to face the intruder. “You are putting that grate back before you leave!”

Santa fell to his knees, a look of contrition and worship on his bearded face. “I’m sorry, Goddess. Tradition, you know. Please don’t be angry! This is the one day of the year that I can get away to see you. I’ve brought you a special gift!”

Reaching into his sack, he pulled out a beautiful crystal sphere, about the size of a pool ball, that glowed from within with a soft eerie light.

“This is a special crystal for your collection,” Santa explained. “I had the elves in my workshop enchant it for you. In it you can see any of your slaves, and know whether they have been naughty or nice.”

The Goddess chuckled. “You gave me one of those last year,” she chided. “Besides, whether my slaves are naughty or nice, they are all getting spanked…and loving it.”

“Oh….oh…I forgot…,” Santa grunted, crestfallen. “I’m sorry….it’s so hard shopping for a Goddess…”

“That’s all right,” the Goddess soothed. “Just leave it under the tree on your way out. Now go, I’m about to have breakfast.”

“But, Goddess!” Santa whined. “Please let me worship you, just a little bit! I look forward to this moment all year long!”

“Oh, all right,” she relented, extending her leg so that her slippered foot was pointed toward the kneeling elf. “Crawl forward and kiss My toes.”

With undisguised glee Santa pitched forward onto his belly and slithered across the floor like an obedient pet. When he reached the Goddess’s outstretched foot he rained kisses on her bare toes with ecstatic relish.

The Goddess allowed Saint Nick to worship her toes for a full minute before withdrawing her leg. “That’s enough,” she commanded. “Now be a good boy and clean up this mess for me. None of these playthings seem to be able to remember who they are,” the Goddess declared, pointing to the other naked figures in the room that were just waking up, their blank expressions testifying to the truth of her words. “Fish around in their clothes for some ID and take them home in your sled. I have people to see and things to do.”

And that is how I ended up being flown home in Santa’s sled, though that was very low on the list of wonders I experienced this Christmas. Since then I’ve remembered things like my name, my address, my job, etc. But none of those things are important. What I am first and foremost is Goddess Marquesa’s slave, and so are you, dear reader, or soon will be, if you have read this far. So season’s greetings to all, and to all a good night! Let us pray that Goddess gives us a good year…and more importantly, that we can give Her a good year of love, devotion, and service.


A Goddessful Christmas to all!



The End