A cloud of purple smoke billowed through the room, and as it cleared a green-skinned man stood in the center of the carpet, wearing a gold turban, a rose-pink vest, and white pantaloons. His dark black beard was trimmed to a sharp goatee.

            “I am your servant, Mistress,” the man declared, pressing his palms together in greeting. “Ask any three wishes and I will grant them.”

            “Yes!” Mistress Maleficent exclaimed. “I knew this old lamp in that thrift shop was no ordinary antique!”  She had bought the lamp earlier that morning and brought it home to test its potential magical properties in the privacy of her dungeon playroom. She had just rubbed the lamp and set it down on an end table when it began to glow and smoke, confirming her suspicions. Now that the genie had emerged the lamp looked like an ordinary utensil again.

            “You are very perceptive, Mistress,” said the genie obsequiously. “As owner of the lamp you have dominion over my power.”

            Mistress Maleficent could not suppress a gleeful chortle. At last she had the means to dispel the menace that had been plaguing her for years. Maleficent was a twenty-something knockout with lush raven locks, a curvy form, and a face for the big screen. By all rights she should be the reigning hypnodomme of Western Florida. But she had watched her empire crumble, all because of one person!

            “I wish for you to bring me Goddess Marquesa!” she commanded.

            “Yes, Mistress!” the genie replied. He snapped his green fingers, and in a flash, Goddess Marquesa appeared in the center of the dungeon. She was stretched out on a divan, wearing nothing but a black silk bustier, silk panties, stockings, and garters. Her feet were adorned with black leather stilettos. She was holding a cell phone to her ear, and was in mid conversation.

            “I’m sorry, pet, W/we’ll have to pause for a while,” Goddess Marquesa purred into the phone, “I seem to have been abducted by magic genie. Call me back in twenty minutes and W/we will continue.”

            “Ha!” Maleficent mocked. “In twenty minutes time you won’t be ready to continue anything. You’re at my mercy now!”

            Goddess Marquesa smirked as she disconnected the call on her phone. “Maleficent, you catty snipe,” she said. “Obsess much?”

            “Don’t even try to pretend you don’t know why I’m doing this,” Maleficent seethed. “You’ve stolen my slaves away ever since you moved to Florida. We can’t both be hypnodommes in this town.”

            “That has nothing to do with Me,” Goddess Marquesa replied, suppressing a yawn. “you are too shallow and insipid…that is why W/we can’t both be hypnodommes in this town.”

            “Aaargh!” Maleficent groaned with rage as she turned to her magic servant. “Genie, I wish for you to turn Goddess Marquesa into a toad!”

            The genie’s face betrayed an expression of shock. “Y…y…yes M-mistress,” the he stuttered, turning reluctantly toward the Goddess. As the genie faced her, Goddess Marquesa sat up and extended her legs, so that she could look directly into the genie’s eyes as he was given a full view of her exquisite body. The genie froze for a moment, seemingly confused.

            “Why do you hesitate?!” screeched Maleficent.

            “Because he can sense My power, can’t you, pet?” Goddess Marquesa declared.

            “I…I…” the genie muttered.

            “Yes,” the Goddess intoned. “Look into My eyes….listen to My voice…you can feel My will, which is so much stronger than your will….”

            Maleficent opened her mouth to protest, but Goddess Marquesa raised her hand commandingly, silencing her. The Goddess’s dulcet tones continued, “You feel very relaxed…very sleepy…your eyelids are getting heavy….closing….closing….”

            The genie’s eyes closed, he fell to his knees, his arms hanging limply at his sides.

            “When I count to three you will open your eyes,” the Goddess instructed, “and all of the pent up desire that you have felt for centuries will be focused on Me. One….two….three!”

            “Aaaaaaah!” the genie groaned, staring at Goddess Marquesa as if he wished his eyes could devour her. “Oh Beauty! Oh Goddess!” the genie cried, stretching out his hands pleadingly. “I’ve never wanted anything or Anyone as i want You now.”

            “That’s right!” Goddess Marquesa declared. “you are completely in My power. you will take out your cock and stroke for Me now.”

            A huge tent had formed over the genie’s crotch. He fished into the waist of his pantaloons and pulled out his verdant cock, which was painfully engorged.

            “No!” Maleficent screamed, placing herself between the genie and the Goddess. “I am your Mistress!”

            “Away, child!” the genie yelled, brushing his free hand in a gesture that magically threw Maleficent to one side. “your power is nothing next to Hers!”

            “That’s it!” the Goddess cooed. “Stroke for me, slave boy!”

            The genie’s hand worked his shaft as he stared hungrily at the Goddess’s legs and tits. A beam of light began to emerge from the head of his cock, and his body began to grow hazy, as if he were dissolving.

            “What is happening to you?” Goddess Marquesa asked.

            “I have broken the covenant of the lamp,” the genie explained, still stroking with abandon, “I am being annihilated.”

            “Will it help if I release you from the command to stroke?”

            “No, Goddess,” the genie answered. “Unless I turn You into a frog I must vanish. But it feels so good to obey You….please don’t make me stop. The only thing that could make this sweeter is if You commanded me to sacrifice myself for love of You!’

            “Very well,” the Goddess sighed. “If there is no other way, I will give you that gift….I command you to surrender yourself for love of Me.”

            “Oh, thank You, Goddess! Thank You!” the genie gushed. “I must give you one last warning….The enchantment of the lamp is very powerful. When I am gone it will claim You as its slave, since my last wish was directed at You….unless…unless You can get someone to take Your place…oh…oh….OHHH!”

            The genie moaned thunderously and convulsed in orgasmic pleasure. His body seemed to disintegrate like a quick-burning candle, collapsing inward toward his eyes, which remained focused on Goddess Marquesa until the last moment. As his orbs finally disappeared a ghostly voice echoed, “I love You, Goddess….”

            “Well, that was exciting,” the Goddess remarked.

            A tremor shook the room. A low, angry rumble came from the lamp, which began to vibrate and glow.

            “Ha! I still win!” Maleficent crowed. “You will be trapped in the lamp forever, and I will become Queen of West Florida!”

            “Is that so?” purred Goddess Marquesa. “Look at Me, pet…listen to My voice….I don’t think you really want anything bad to happen to Me…’

            “I know what you are doing,” Maleficent whined, “it won’t work on me…”

            “Oh, but it is working pet,” the Goddess said, her voice silken, “you feel yourself becoming very relaxed….very relaxed and very turned on…you are drawn to Me….drawn to Me…”

            “No…no…” Maleficent moaned, but her refusals lacked conviction. Seemingly against her will she stumbled forward toward the Goddess’s divan.

            “Yes, that’s it,” the Goddess coaxed, “so relaxed….so turned on….your nipples are hard….your pussy is slick….you simply must come be by Me…by MEEEE….”

            The Goddess made space for Maleficent, and the brunette obediently reclined on the divan. She gasped in pleasure as Goddess Marquesa kissed her neck and gently stroked her left nipple with the tips of her fingers.

            “Oooooh,” Maleficent sighed as the Goddess’s hand slid between her thighs and found the slick warmth of her eager pussy.

            “Do you want Me?” the Goddess asked.

            “Yes!” Maleficent moaned.

            “Do you want Me to take You?” the Goddess asked.

            “Yes! YES!”

            “Do you want to be slave of the lamp?”

            “YES!…Wha?….Wait, no!”


            Maleficent disappeared. The lamp quieted and stopped glowing.

            A cell phone ring tone sounded.

            The Goddess answered her phone. “Yes, pet,” she intoned, “I’m sorry W/we were interrupted before. Where were W/we? Ah, yes…you were feeling very sleepy….”

The End