The Mistress gave me a task.  She “Asked” me to post the results on Hypno-Erotica.  The following is the response sent to Her in fulfillment of that task.


          My Dearest Most Powerful Mistress,
          I simply Love how You can simply suggest a course of action to
          me and that it Suddenly becomes an unresistable compulsion for
          me to accomplish.  It feels so very good to obey You.  A very
          deeply satisfying sort of "good."   
          I present, for Your amusement (and hopefully Your
          satisfaction) three pictures of delicately feminine Panties
          that I find interesting, arousing, irresistible, exciting,
          enticing... Well, You get the idea!

          First:  A pair of panties that exhibit the duality of being
          Marquesa's happily willing panty boi.   A situation that I
          find I adore being within.  These are simply Wonderful.  They
          have a decidedly feminine/sissy shape as that they are 'hip
          huggers' with dainty frill sewn into the waist and leg hems. 
          Yummy!  Their real attractions are, however, that they are
          crotchless (Duh!).  Every panty boi simply Loves being put
          into crotchless frilly panties by his/her Mistress.  (So
          wonderfully submissivating!)  The juxtaposition of the two
          prominent colors is intriguing.  The outer hem of the entire
          garment is baby blue, signifying maleness on the exterior of
          the wearer's consciousness.  But he only appears to be male on
          the outside.  The interior color is predominantly bubblegum
          pink, signifying a powerfully feminine interior.  An interior
          to be taken advantage of by my Mistress.  A desire to be my
          Mistress' panty boi.  There is a rather large Royal Blue with
          white polka dots bow at the front top of the garments waist. 
          This signifies the masculine traits of the wearer resolutely
          (if futilely) asserting themselves.  The smaller, prettier,
          pink bow with white polka dots that is directly on top of the
          blue projects overwhelming irresistible feminine power and
          signifies that whatever the blue thinks it is doing, the wily,
          pink, feminine, is over top of it and in total control of
          everything.  The two pretty pink bows at the open crotch are
          there to testify to the male member that will so willingly
          stands at attention through the lovely, sexy, overpowering
          panty slit, that it is held in check by the very feminine
          feelings that these panties are projecting through me.  They
          are, also, full coverage rear panties.  My favorite, because
          my Mistress can stimulate my entire smoothly shaved derriere
          through them.  Ooo La La!  (I would wear these in a minute for
          You!)  Wouldn't a lovely bubble gum pink chastity device look
          scrumptious poking out from the crotchlessness and between the
          two "Guardian" pink, emasculating, bows on these wonderful


          Next:  A trio of daily wear, Mistress' secretary's panties. 
          So comfortable.  So feminine.  So exciting!  The all have the
          same high cut leg design that is so sexy!  I can't tell if the
          bows at the sides of the panties are functional or not.  It
          really doesn't matter.  The bow is very feminine and
          delicate.  If Mistress wants to remove my panties She knows
          that She may rip them off or tell me to remove them.  Her
          choice.  She need not worry about untying panty bows!   These
          have pretty stars and flowers in their black and pink
          fabrics.  The white pair is especially intriguing.  The white,
          transparent fabric, is wonderfully virginal and innocent. 
          Just the way Pepper would love to present herself to her
          Mistress.  But... Avocados?  Are avocados currently sexy?  I'm
          too old to understand avocados on panties.  Avocados on toast
          I 'get.'  Ah well... For You I would wear Guava fruit panties
          and a coconut shell bra.

          Finally:  A pair of my all time favorite Panties...  A pair of
          PINK Olga full coverage Nylon Panties.  (These are so new they
          still have the tags on them.)  I do not know why these are my
          absolute favorite panties in the whole world, but they are! 
          Slipping on and into a pair of Olga Secret Hug panties is an
          experience like no other, ever!  They feel so very PERFECT!  I
          suspect that there are quite a lot of sissy bois who have
          experienced this same phenomenon.  Oh Goddess, Please, Please
          put me into these panties, put me under Your hypnotic Love
          spell and manipulate my mind until I cream into my pretty pink
          panties.  (The first time I creamed into my Olga's was when I
          was listening to Panty Playtime and You commanded me to do
          so.  So Wonderful.)  I have a Black pair that You wore for
          me.  It was because of my listening to "Hypno Whore" and You
          honestly fulfilled Your Promise to wear them and send them
          back to me.  I think this was when I first started to
          absolutely Trust You.  I keep them in a ziplock bag so that on
          the rare occasion that I remove them for a "special"
          performance Your scent may be still within them.  Heavenly is
          Your scent.

          Oh Goddess!  I'm feeling like I want to come in my panties
          right now!  Thank You.  It feels wonderful to be Yours!

          My Mistress/Goddess;  I hope that I have amused You with my
          humble ramblings and confessions.

          Love, Love, Love Always