Have you heard of Violet Gordon Woodhouse (1872-1948)? Not many people have, which says much more about the sad state of society than it does about her. She was a brilliant musician, the greatest performer of baroque music in the world, perhaps in human history. Her recordings of composers like Bach are still appreciated today.

In her private life she was also bold and visionary. As a young woman she was about to be married off to a Viscount when her mother gave her a talk on “the birds and the bees.” She decided then and there to live her life differently. She chose her own husband, Gordon Woodhouse, and married him on the condition that they would have neither sex nor children. At her command he changed his name to Gordon Gordon-Woodhouse so that she could have the double surname, which she found pleasing.

Violet and Gordon moved into a rural home where they were visited by Bill Barrington, a handsome and wealthy aristocrat then considered the most eligible bachelor in England. After three days he fell in love with Violet and stayed on to become her second “husband.” In time they were joined by Max Labouchere, an urbane lawyer, and Dennis Tallmouche, a young cavalry officer who had fallen in love with Violet when he had been eight years old, on seeing her perform on the harpsichord. The four men worked to keep Violet happy for the rest of their lives, remaining faithful to her to the end. Their house became a cultural center that attracted leading lights like George Bernard Shaw and the novelist Radclyffe Hall.

The “Woodhouse Circus” was gawked at by British society as a freak show, but W/we know a secret, don’t W/we pet? MILLIONS of people would live the way Violet and her husbands did if given the chance. The only thing that stops them is the bigotry of a sick culture. Few people have Violet’s courage.

Admit it pet, as you read Violet’s story you were jealous of her husbands. But you don’t have to be. I am every bit the Goddess that Violet was, and more. Like her I am the greatest Artist of My time or any other in My chosen art- Erotic Hypnosis. I could never be satisfied with four men, but I have a stable of devoted slaves and am always open to being worshiped and served by those that are truly worthy. Get on your knees, pet, and crawl forward. Beg, boy! Beg! I just might give you the gift of working for My happiness.