This story is dedicated to The Two Hypnoteuses I most admire, respect, and desire. It should not be read by any minor. It should not be read by anyone who is ethically, legally, morally, religiously, or personally {for any reason(s)} prohibited or proscribed from doing so. It should not be read by anyone who is fearful of, or uncomfortable with, the subject of feminine influence/control/domination/superiority/supremacy/inspiration or the topic of mind control in any of its forms or both.

Now, I’m not even sure how it got started. Maybe it was that Sherlock Holmes flick, “THE WOMAN IN GREEN”? Perhaps the Batman super-criminal Lorelei Circe AKA The Siren is responsible for all this? Those campy, [lucky for me] often cheesecake sci fi pictures like, “MISSILE TO THE MOON” might be what got the ball rolling? It could even be “DRACULA’S DAUGHTER,” Dr. Fu Manchu’s daughter, Sumuru, and Madame de Medici who are behind it. All I know is the idea of a sexy woman who can hypnotize me still gets to me and gets me off every time, even more than ever.

It really is true. I’m glad you can find just about anything you can imagine (and some I’d never have come up with in a million years) on the internet. I’d never have guessed there were so many people who were into hypnotism for the same kinky reason it keeps on blowing my mind into sensuality overdrives me to distractions the more I dive headfirst into it.

I did sort of mention this fetish of mine to a couple of people. I’ll be damned if I ever tell any more vanilla people about this any more. Not a chance! I say, “Never make the same mistake more than say three or four times.”

These are the two HypnoDommes who do it for me. Assuming those are current pictures of what they really look like, some of the other female hypnotists are sort of good-looking enough, I guess. A few of the rest of them have voices that are almost as easy on my ears. {I wonder why some of them spend so much effort in mixing up their voices with so much other audible stuff and nonsense? And some hypnotists won’t let you hear them at all until you jump through a universe of hoops like join up on their site or buy something from them. [Here’s my answer. As Mr. Lee said to Lyle, “NOT!”] Now what the hey is that all about?} But nobody else measures up to these two matchless, standout Hypnoteuses.

But which one do I want the most? How do I decide the right one for me? Could I just have both of them? Now there’s a fantasy I like.

Considering She only does audios, that AnonyMistress packs one hell of a kick of a double-barreled, juggernaut of a wallop and then some more. I mean, there’s no music and not a whole lot of sound effects either. I’d give anything and do anything for Her to find out how She makes my brain all fuzzy and spinning like a top in a category infinity tornado. Most of the time, all She uses is that dreamy voice, snapping Her fingers, and those periods of silences that drive me wild and apparently right where She wants me to go where She’s already mapped my route. The echoy acoustics of wherever She makes Her recordings definitely add some kind of an ethereal or spiritual touch of whatever She’s got that hyperdrives me so crazier for Her. How can She get so seemingly much deeper inside me and that much out of just those few items? She really can get me to drop! freeze! fall! and I’m almost scared spitless and shitless to find out what else? The Big Apple and “Oh Canada” are definitely on my favourite vacation spots list. I’ll stand on guard for Thee, AnonyMistress.

But that Lady Mesmer is so whoopee wow wee! From what I’ve seen, Her eyes really are that green like emeralds. This busty blonde with those knockout legs really looks like she’s having more fun than a barrel of spanking my monkeyshines. Just like AnonyMistress, Krystal’s got an unforgettable voice to die a thousand deaths a day for all timelessness for. Can’t forget that body. HOLY HORMONES, BATMAN!!!“` With the eye candy, imagination, and sex drive She’s packing some serious heat, her will may really be stronger than my will. Hey, even if it’s not, I’ll play the game. And if I really get lucky, I’ll have some really adult fun and games with Krystal Mesmer. No I know why So Cal is so awesome.

But which one? They kind of remind me of the other one. Each is so unique though. How do I pick the best prize I want the most of all?

My entire family’s total resources would be deep fried for fourscore and seven whole generations if either or both of them had a pay site that charged by the hour or even the month. I’ve read everything about each of them I can lay my hands on with my pathetic computer hacking skills. As good as they are, those free samples aren’t enough. I’m lucky I found those other places where I got some of their entire recordings for nothing. The sound isn’t the best and the images in Krystal’s cases aren’t anything I’d want as wallpaper on my computer’s desktop, but they’ll do in a pinch of horniness.

I still can’t make up my mind. Hey, what was that about phone sessions? Gotta check this out.

Woe! That’s pretty steep. And that doesn’t include whatever the other one will ask for. I would have each Lady all to myself. If I could only wangle a discount or better yet a freebee out of one or both of them. Considering how much filthy lucre each one rakes in from each one of those so many stimulating recordings each of them has, I know they can both afford it–no problem.

The recordings I acquired I can lose myself in any time that mood strikes me. But the telephone session I had with each one was ———————. I can’t come close to describing what it was like. The focusing on every word She said. And not to be outdone by any means, Her words were just as awesome and effective. I’d never have guessed I could go so deeply into trance with any hypnotist. But it happened with two of them. Who’d of thunk it? But it’s all truly beyond my most vivid wet dreams come true to larger than life-size.

Anonymistress or Krystal? I’m still in a pickle barrel up to my eyeballs in confusion. Krystal Mesmer or AnonyMistress? Which of them is the one I want the most often. Which one is the right one for me?

I keep going through each of their websites with a fine tooth comb. I’m digging out every gem of a 24-carat solid gold nugget I can pan, scrape, or gouge out. I devote myself to each of their recordings I acquired as often as I can. The phone time of my life I had with each one was SPECTACULAR!!!“` I devour the emails between me and each one like a starving pack of sharks and piranhas.

But I still don’t have the answers. Maybe I should just flip a coin. But what if the coin toss doesn’t come out the way I want? Which one do I want most? Why can’t I decide? I want to have the right one. What do I do now? “HELP!!! MEEEEEEE“`”

No matter how many times I watch, “Seinfeld” is always funnier. … Well duh! Of course I remember this one–it’s “The Summer of George”.

… How could I have been sooooooo dense? The answer’s been right in front of me the whole time. If I can pull this off, and what a time I’ll have? YAHOO!!!“` :)))“`

Mr. Peterman, Kramer, those two cops, and Jerry are right on the money. A cat fight between the two sexiest Hypnoteuses is THE ULTIMATE!

Next detail, how do I *MAKE IT SO, NUMERO UNO?*