Intuition – One of the foremost attributes of a competent Dominatrix is Her innate ability to predict and perceive your deepest desires.  Submissives often are “hard” put to express openly exactly what they want, need or feel.  A good Mistress must in essence be part mind reader.  She must take Her cues from whatever information She extracts during preliminary correspondence and communication with Her potential plaything, in order to forecast your specific interests (as they pertain to Her interests), anticipate your limits and bring to the surface your hidden emotions.  She may not possess sixth sense or a crystal ball.  Her intuition is most certainly a gift from the Goddess above.  It is also an acquired skill, honed from practice and experience, to make your session with Her so incredibly rewarding and sexually fulfilling.  I have been often told by many of my subjects that they feel more comfortable expressing themselves; who they are, how they feel, and what they crave sexually, with Me than they ever have with their closest friend or their own wife.