Doctor Satinica Entrancia’s bedside manner is much more enticingly intimate than most medical professionals ever get with their clients or patients.

Are you ready to play doctored by Me?
Then SUBMIT to each of these sizzling scenarios OF THE MEDICAL OR THERAPEUTIC FANTASIES COME TO LIFE that tickles your tastes in hands-on hypno-stimulating.







This was the strangest company medical Ethan Jones had ever been to. For one thing, because the boss of the BIODOMME company he worked for, Dr. Satinica Entrancia (What a name!) and her sister Swoonita were carrying it out. But also the pre medical questions were something else: Did he prefer women to “Take Command” in a relationship? Did he like to be a protector and /or did he like feeling “Nurtured”? Did he like women to take an active role sexually? What material did he find arousing–Leather, rubber, satin?


His upbringing and the suggestions on the forms that he be completely truthful in all his answers compelled Ethan to answer them all. He then noticed that some of the men he was with were taken away. He was asked (Nee TOLD) to wait by a “Treatment Room” with 2 other men. One was called in by Dr Entrancia herself. She was a cold, stern faced, [but very attractive] slim lady with a pale face . Supremely silky, long, blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders. She was dressed in an ultra-tight cotton skirt , split to reveal an electrically reflective satin lining. The top was silky black satin, low-cut to reveal firm breasts with an equally elegant satin scarf looped temptingly over her neck and her cleavage. She wore elegant satin gloves with a wonderfully mesmerizing ring on her left hand.


She beckoned the first man in. about 40 minutes later, the two women came out walking him out and guiding him towards the exit.


Swoonita was tall with dark hair and wore a black satin blouse and a long, black, shiny satin skirt zipped at either side.


The next man was in for the same amount of time. He emerged looking equally dazed. But by now, Ethan was feeling tired. His eyes were slightly drooping.


Dr Entrancia stood before him. “Getting sleeeeepy are we, Mr. Jones? Just try and pay attention for a while longer. You’re next! There was a slight sneer in her voice.


Swoonita called him in. He entered the room expecting a simple couch, stethoscope , things to test reflexes, typical examination room paraphernalia. This was not what he saw.


He was beckoned to what looked like a large dentist chair–but the bottom seemed split into two pieces. Before he could ask any questions, he was motioned to lay down on this contraption and told to remove everything except his underwear. As soon as he’d done as he was ordered and settled his body on this examination thingamabob, restraints clicked over his wrists and ankles. The bottom of the chair suddenly split open and the chair was tilted back slightly. All this served to surprise him and open his legs wide. Suddenly Dr Entrancia nonchalantly took a scalpel and slashed his boxer shorts. Her other hand quickly flung them away


“You won’t be needing those for this procedure” she snapped.


“Now Mr. Jones, we need to “Milk ” you of a few samples of body fluid. I just want you to relax!”


“I don’t want this….!” he began, struggling as much as his captive body could fight in vain.


“Silence! Stop being so childish and willful. I can see that theres only one way to calm you down.”


“Wh-what?” he began again.


“Hypnotism, Mr. Jones. I am simply going to overwhelm you with my strong female will and figure. And you will simply give in and go to sleeep for a while. Now! look into my eyes. Look into my eyes. You cannot turn away. Look into my eyes! They are bright. Like me, they are all-powerful. You are like a helpless, small animal caught in their rays of feminine power. You cannot move. You can only look, Mr. Jones. Only look and feel the boundaries and ramparts of your weak and gullible male will crumbling like sandcastles being washed away by the all-powerful oceans of my emerald eyes.”


Her voice softened. “You are starting to relaxxxx, Mr. Jones. Rrelaxxx!! Your eyes wander from my gaze to my lips uttering strong but soft whispers of soothing, sensual commands. Your eyes then contemplate my breasts, Mr. Jones, and the wonderful, dark, silky satin that enfolds them. The satin relaxes you doesn’t it, Mr. Jones? You are feeling more relaxed with each silken word I say.”


She held the gloved hand with the ring above him. The bright light entrancingly falling from the ceiling reflected this sparkling gem into his tiring eyes as she weaved it mesmerizingly in front of his face.


“See how it travels back and forth, back and forth, and around and around. Drawing you into my will. You are irresistibly drawn inside my satin bosom. My soft, comfortable, compelling, silken cleavage ripples in front of you. And you feel tired, soooo tired, soooo sleeepy. You are drowsier and drifting off like a student in a long, boring lecture listening to my hypnotic voice in the warm afternoon. You feel your tiring eyes start to flutter. They are fighting, but there is little will left. Sleeepier and sleeepier as you watch the gem go up and down-as my hand is now softly going up and down over your increasingly hard cock.


“You see, the sleeepier you get, the more aroused you feel. Like those drowsy mornings when you awaken with a hard on you cannot disguise or dismiss my femininity overpowers you. Your cock gets deliciously harder, the more relaxed and sleeepy that you become. Finally, Mr. Jones, I am going to send you to dreamland , to send you to sleeep with these soft, silken breasts completely covering your sleepy face.”


She took her hand from his now massively erect manhood and moved to the back of him. Out of the corner of his eye he glimpsed Swoonita taking over where her sister had left off. Her other hand was holding a large sample bottle. Dr Entrancia looked down on him. Like their mistress, her large, silken breasts were dominating his view. Strands of her blonde tresses caressed his face. Her lips moved softly.


“Now, Ethan , in a moment my satin breasts will completely cover your face. They will press down on you. You will then breathe only my overwhelming scent of sweet womanhood. As my breasts cover your face and smother you to sleeeep. Softly smother you into deeeeeeep sleeeeeeep, my dear. And as you ecstatically slip into sleeeep, you will cum for us, Ethan. As your cock gets harder, your eyes get heavier. And my breasts cover your face.”


He heard himself emitting a few muffled yelps as the satin bosom pressed against his face. But these were yelps of sensual ecstasy as the interface between soft satin and soft warm flesh finally took him to sweet slumber. And as his eyes closed, his manhood all but exploded….




“Nice work, sister” said Dr Entrancia contemplating the soundly sleeeping Ethan. “These will go to the lab. We will find recipients within our ranks. And soon we will reap a whole batch of submissive male subs especially bred for our pleasure because of the fathers errrm “Endowment!””


“But what about all the stuff Mendel wrote? This one’s desirable personality attributes may not come out until his grandchildren are born.”


“Then we shall simply ensure that he is partnered with a dominant lady so that a history of male submissiveness develops even more in his offspring than it’ll master him. And you know my theory. With the correct sort of feminine, firm-handed nurturing, Mother Nature will do the rest.”


Suddenly, Doctor Satinica Entrancia’s medical mind was overflowing with an irresistibly lascivious craving neither spawned nor reined in by her unfeigned, unfettered, unwavering fidelity to the Hippocratic Oath.


“But I’m not finished with this one. His assets are particularly large. Lets wake him in half an hour, or at least partly waken him. Then I want a sample of my own.”




Once again the Doctor’s voice aroused his ears’ attention. “Ethan, my dear, although you are sweeeetly sleeeeeeep, we’d like you to partly wake up just for a while. Open your little eyes, Ethan, and look at the gem again. The ring of ressssst your eyes upon this stimulatingly soothing jewel.”


As Dr Entrancia waved the ring in front of Ethan’s half-closed, dreamy eyes, her sister went to the back of the chair. Swoonita pressed a switch and the chair tilted so that Ethan was literally looking up her long, black satin skirt.


She undid the zips and he watched the panels of her skirt weave a mesmerizing dance in front of his eyes.


“It is naughty for you to look up my skirt, Ethan. But you find it so calming and cozy–don’t you? Especially as your eyes transfix on my shiny, soft, gold satin panties. Their lace embroidery interweaved with beautiful gems like the silky strands in my webs of sirenic sorceress spells. See how my silky panties reflect the light dazzles you even more deeply. You see me looking down upon you like you are prone on the ground dreamily worshipping at my feet. I tower above you and I dominate you want to pleasure me and my sensuous sister more than ever. And the swishing panels of my skirt sooooooothing you like restful waves of soft, sensual dreaminess. But you want more. You hunger for my panties all over your face–don’t you? Yessss, you do. And you shall have your wish is to please my sister with your creamy, succulent substance.”


She began swaying her body above him. Slowly the chair rose, temptingly tilting his head back towards her advancing and mesmerizingly gyrating, satin-clad love cave hovering tantalizingly above his face.


“It’s coming, Ethan. Soon my panties will be upon you. When that happens, you will drift back into a silken sleeep of sexual ecstasy. See how they get closer and closer as your cock gets harder and harder. Closer and closer, covering your nose and mouth . Taste my silken womanhood now as my sister’s tunnel of sweet feminine love is tasting your massive manhood. Breathe that feminine musk of sweet pleasure and go back to sleeep, Ethan. Drift back to satin panty dreamland.”


Her crotch covered his face. He let loose the same moans. His body stiffened as he let loose his overwhelming load. And then he slept.




“Wake up, now. Mr. Jones, wake up!”


Dr Entrancia softly slapped his cheek.


“The test is over.”


“I didn’t feel a thing” he said.


“You slept like a baby all the way through ” said Swoonita. “Did you have sweet dreams?”


“I did. I was being smothered by silky…..”


“Stop, Mr. Jones. We don’t want to hear this. It was simply the anesthesia. It is very sweet smelling and we administer it in a very gentle way. But we don’t need to hear about your sordid, little dreams, do we? Now go to the restroom, have a nice little sleeeeeeep, and go home”


He left nonplussed.


Dr Entrancia said to her sister ” I enjoyed that last sample immensely. But I think you should try him out for size too. Maybe we will tell him we need to milk him more. I can definitely see another trip to hypnotic silky Smother-Byes for our very well-built Mr. Jones.”