Tag: Desperation

On the Couch

 “Youre trembling. Youve recently had a traumatic experience,” Doctor Weiss said.

        “Yes,” Robert replied.

        “Lets talk about it,” Weiss encouraged from behind where Robert lay. “Try to relax.” Read more…

Diary of a Fugitive


I finally broke free. I skipped my session with her yesterday, loaded my car, and headed out of town. I don’t know where I am going, but I must flee. This is my last chance to escape her control. I know this is right. I feel exhilarated.


Last night I was on her couch, listening to her silken voice as she put me under. When I woke up in the motel room I was disoriented…disappointed. This is natural. I don’t have to be worried. There will be a period of adjustment, but eventually I will be fine.

Read more…


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