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A story conceived by Goddess Marquesa

A personal note from Goddess Marquesa: This story is a personal favorite of Mine because it references My number one pet. My Beautiful Borzoi.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with taboo subjects such as bestiality.  I would never consider such a story or fantasy.


I had never seen such a beautiful dog before. She darted across my vision just as I looked up from my Tolstoy. It felt like a sign, and was- though of what, at the time, I could never have guessed.

It was a cool, sunny, smog free day, and so I had decided to take my research outdoors. I had been camped out in the park for about an hour, reading and taking notes, when she appeared. She was a black-and-white Borzoi, and was bounding happily across the field on which I sat as if she owned it. Her coat was long and lustrous, her eyes bright with mischief, her frame animated by all the power and graceful agility of her breed. My eyes followed her involuntarily, my research momentarily set aside. Read more…

A Clinical Appointment – Part 2

The alarm was screaming at me to get up and give it a sedative, but i couldn’t. Everything was so confusing, so muddled and I didn’t even remember taking off my clothes….scary. “i need to start drinking less” i muttered to no one in particular. i rolled out of the bed, falling on the floor. Now i could put that alarm out of its misery.


i stumbled toward the bathroom. i picked up my watch, checked the date, Wednesday July 1st…why was that date important? Wednesday!!! What happened to Saturday through Tuesday. “Arrrrgghh!” i moaned.

What happened? Read more…

Case Closed

George is a guard at the max security women’s prison. Goddess Marquesa is a prisoner there and has been convicted of stealing 100 million dollars.


I come to your cell with a package.  I slide it through the bars and you open it excited.  I say, “Sorry it’s nothing that’s going to help you escape.”

You smile and say, “Really? We will see a about that.”  You open the package and it’s a pair or 6 inch open toed high heels.  I go to leave and you say, “Wait I want to show you.”  You sit down on the bed and slide off your shoe, then slowly very slowly start sliding off your sock.  For some reason I just stare engrossed by what you are doing.  Finally the sock slides off to reveal these perfectly manicured silver toes.  You slowly slide your foot into the new shoe, and then you repeat the process for the other foot. Read more…

Afternoon Ecstasy (A real life experience)

The anticipation kept building, through the freeway traffic, the checkout line at Victoria Secret, to the long walk to Her door. As i lifted my hand to knock, my knees were quivering in anticipation of what would happen next…
Slowly, but firmly i knocked, then it happened…that marvelous, melodious voice summoned me to enter and i obeyed.
my eyes adjusted to the dimly lit entryway from the bright sunlight. i once again heard the Siren’s call.
“Turn around.”  Read more…

Hopelessly in Love

The flight had been on time.  He felt great.  A long, deep sleep – despite his excitement.  The stop-over in Paris had been smooth & the trans-Atlantic journey peaceful & calm.  He’d stretched out on the vacant seats & slept deeply.  Woken.  Drunk some water.  Mentally recited his ‘lesson’ 20 times [as instructed – as if he needed any stimulation his erection hard in his underwear – no tube to keep him in check.  He’d enjoyed the feeling of arousal – a minor temptation…………….resisted.]  Slept again.  Woke as the Boeing circled LAX.  Immigration & Customs no problem.  He wondered if they’d looked closely at the contents of his baggage.  Hmm.  As Mistress had instructed, he’d brought everything.  All the toys.  Again he felt a thickening in his cock at the prospect.  Read more…


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