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In Service to Goddess Marquesa: Chapter 7 – To What End – Pt. 2

Trembling after what he could only call the ‘unimaginable pleasure’, Ravar regarded his new Goddess with a hungry gaze; that it was the mere snapping of her fingers made it all the more decadent. She stood a foot taller than him on her golden high heels, skin of creamy alabaster hue, wearing a short leather wrap-around skirt, red thigh high sheer lace stockings, a red vest, bra cupping breasts as large as his head sticking an inch out of the vest. Blonde curls cascaded down from her head in sumptuous lion-mane like style to her bosom. Her face was just as the one he’d seen before the temple, but infinitely more lovely. Read more…

“The Present”

“MADAME MARLA’S LINGERIE STORE” said the large illuminated sign hanging over the store front. Brett thought this was worth a look. He liked lingerie on his girlfriend, so why not? He liked to buy her new things to wear every so often to turn him on. And she was only too happy to oblige! This was a new store to him and he hoped to find lots of new tantalizing, and if he was really lucky tasty, treasures there! Read more…

Smother Sisters


Doctor Satinica Entrancia’s bedside manner is much more enticingly intimate than most medical professionals ever get with their clients or patients.

Are you ready to play doctored by Me?
Then SUBMIT to each of these sizzling scenarios OF THE MEDICAL OR THERAPEUTIC FANTASIES COME TO LIFE that tickles your tastes in hands-on hypno-stimulating.







This was the strangest company medical Ethan Jones had ever been to. For one thing, because the boss of the BIODOMME company he worked for, Dr. Satinica Entrancia (What a name!) and her sister Swoonita were carrying it out. But also the pre medical questions were something else: Did he prefer women to “Take Command” in a relationship? Did he like to be a protector and /or did he like feeling “Nurtured”? Did he like women to take an active role sexually? What material did he find arousing–Leather, rubber, satin? Read more…

PAUL’S FANTASY Woof..woof..woof

Paul picked up the phone against his better judgement. He liked to think he was in control of his actions. He knew there was no reason to call Her. It was simply just a fantasy that existed solely in his head. He thought he should just beat off, shoot his load, and forget about it. As simple as that.  Nice and easy, no head games, no fear of Her taking control, but ultimately, no satisfaction.

Was it really that much more satisfying to be seduced, teased, and even enslaved by her voice and her feminine charms. He tried to tell himself no, but there he sat with the phone in his hands. Everything in his body was telling him to put it down, but there he sat on the verge of calling again. Read more…




Jillian Hill was looking forward to her third anniversary dinner with
her husband, Jackson. She had planned it carefully, and made all the
arrangements far in advance. She and Jack were going to eat at their
favorite restaurant and night spot, the Lost World. The music there was
always nice, the light was low and the drinks were potent. Read more…


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