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I woke up at the foot of the bed one morning, after a brutal session with Marquesa. My bottom was still red with welts. Marquesa was standing above me with a wicked smile and said She had a surprise for me for Halloween. We were going to the Hookers Masquerade Ball in San Francisco. It is a benefit for a non-profit that helps hookers in various ways, but is turning into a Fetish ball that stops at nothing. Read more…

The Submission -part 2

It had only been two days since paul’s submission to Goddess Marquesa’s evening of wrestling entertainment for the pleasure of Herself and Her many subjects. Marquesa was not about to delay in furthering Her control and dominance over paul and ensuring that the effects of Her subjugation would be deep-seated and permanent.

On this evening Marquesa commanded paul’s presence at a small get-together of only Herself, Her female attorney friend, and the ex-college wrestler and his valet, a very muscular and knockout brunette female bodybuilder-wrestler. This evening, as explained and commanded by the Marquesa, would be a preparation, orientation, and conditioning for paul….to further his unconditional acceptance of his new role as the Goddess’ cum slut, and to establish an understanding by paul of his future duties, requirements, and responsibilities. Read more…

PAUL’S FANTASY Woof..woof..woof

Paul picked up the phone against his better judgement. He liked to think he was in control of his actions. He knew there was no reason to call Her. It was simply just a fantasy that existed solely in his head. He thought he should just beat off, shoot his load, and forget about it. As simple as that.  Nice and easy, no head games, no fear of Her taking control, but ultimately, no satisfaction.

Was it really that much more satisfying to be seduced, teased, and even enslaved by her voice and her feminine charms. He tried to tell himself no, but there he sat with the phone in his hands. Everything in his body was telling him to put it down, but there he sat on the verge of calling again. Read more…


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