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I woke up at the foot of the bed one morning, after a brutal session with Marquesa. My bottom was still red with welts. Marquesa was standing above me with a wicked smile and said She had a surprise for me for Halloween. We were going to the Hookers Masquerade Ball in San Francisco. It is a benefit for a non-profit that helps hookers in various ways, but is turning into a Fetish ball that stops at nothing. Read more…

The Pilgrimage

It s difficult to describe how excited mike felt each time he got just a block from Mistress Marquesa\’s home. As instructed, he always called Her on his cell phone from the airport as soon as he got off the plane and barked into it. It was a quick phone call he identified himself with the bark and She instructed him he had just 20 minutes to call Her from the pay phone near Her home.

As he left the terminal he told himself, like so many times before, that this was the last time. he would go through with it this time because he was already here but never again. No matter how many times he served at the beautiful, sexy, regal feet of Mistress Marquesa he never got used to it. he always felt an indescribable mix of anxiety, fear, nervousness, guilt, butterflies, but most prominently, excitement . . . most certainly, excitement where it counts most! Read more…


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