The envelope was on heavy stock suitable for a formal invitation, Inside was a card announcing a limousine service exclusively for executives visiting Southern California; also enclosed was a short, handwritten note that said simply “We’re so certain that you will want to use our services that we are offering you complimentary pick-up and full time limo service on your next trip. Please call MarquesaCo.” A number was printed on the bottom.


It was a pleasant coincidence that the note had arrived that day. Richard Dodge had just that morning been asked to travel to the West Coast to meet the management and survey the facilities of a small aircraft parts manufacturing company that the conglomerate he worked for might possibly acquire. All the records indicated that the Jackson Aircraft Parts’ stock was significantly underpriced and the deal could be a major step up the corporate ladder for Richard. “Why not get picked up at the airport and driven to my meetings? I won’t have to deal with traffic and I’ll have more time to prepare.” Richard thought as he picked up the card and dialed the number. After just two rings an answering machine came on and said only: “Leave a brief message with your phone number and call every ten minutes until you reach us.” Richard wondered if he had dialed correctly but he said quickly “Richard Dodge, I was calling about the limo service offer, my number is …” Before he could finish, a female voice came on the line, “Mr. Dodge, I’m so sorry that we didn’t pick-up immediately, things are still settling in around here. How can we help you?” Richard stated that he would be arriving in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon and was interested in MarquesaCo.’s offer. “We would love the opportunity to demonstrate our services to you Mr. Dodge” the woman stated, “we will meet you at your gate and our driver and car will be available to you throughout your stay. We’ll have a fully stocked bar and an exclusive video guide to Southern California in the car for you. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday.”


Richard felt particularly pleased about his choice; any company that was this attentive to a customer on the phone had to be good. Plus the sound of the women’s voice on the other end of the line had put him at ease almost immediately; it was soft and relaxing, yet somehow seductive. If the aircraft parts company was as good as the car service, this weekend would make his career.


Everything seemed to be going right on Thursday. Not only was the plane on time, but business class was almost empty and Richard had two seats all to himself. The only problem at all was Richard was so anxious that he had trouble relaxing; thoughts of the acquisition and his future kept running though his head. As he walked off the plane with his single garment bag over his shoulder, the first thing he saw was a driver holding a card with his name on it. What surprised him was that the driver was a woman, about five foot seven inches tall and in her early thirties. She wore the traditional black chauffeur’s uniform with a cap pulled low over her eyes. Richard could see blond hair under the hat. The driver quickly said to Richard, “Good afternoon Mr. Dodge. I hope you had a


pleasant flight and welcome to California. If you don’t have any checked baggage we can go right to the car. It is just at the curb outside. Please follow me.”


The car was a black Cadillac sedan that had been extended into a limousine. All the windows in the back had been tinted so dark that it was impossible to see inside. “I guess you could do anything back there and no one would know” Richard joked to the driver as she put his bag into the trunk. “We believe in complete privacy for our guests” she responded as she held the door open and Richard climbed into the back of the car. “Let me explain a few of our special features. The car is equipped with a full complimentary bar. I have taken the liberty of chilling some white wine and placing bottled water in the refrigerator for you sir. Also, there is a special lighting system in the ceiling designed in accordance with the latest research to help you fight jet lag.  Finally, there is a phone, a twelve speaker custom stereo and a twenty inch combination television and computer monitor that besides getting regular television channels also runs our special interactive guide to California for your exclusive use. Just sit back, have a drink and it will take us about 45 minutes to get to your hotel.”


Richard sank into the soft leather in the back of the car and thought how this was the only way to travel. As he opened the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of designer water he noticed that the glasses in the car were cut crystal, not plastic and that half of them had already been filled with ice cubes for his use. As he drank the water over the ice he was surprised that he started to feel the tension lift a little. Almost as if the driver could anticipate his thoughts, she asked if he would like her to activate the special lighting and sound system, since most of her clients believed it b.e1ped to reduce stress and jet lag.

Even though Richard was now feeling more tired than tense, he nodded his head and the driver reached down and threw three switches on the center console of the front seat.

Immediately the back of the car dimmed and a whole series of lights on the ceiling started moving in patterns matching a soft rhythm coming from the sound system. The whole car seemed to pulse and swirl in time with the lights and sounds. Richard even seemed to feel the lights and the sounds inside him. As if from far away, he heard the driver say, “Sir, I’m going to activate the special video guide now, why don’t you just look at the monitor. It all should be self explanatory.” It seemed to Richard that the lights in the car were pointing his eyes directly at the television, and he even thought he could hear a voice under the music telling him to relax and watch. “Quite a system you’ve got back here” Richard said to the driver as he now heard his own voice coming from far away. “It’s better if you don’t talk and just concentrate on the monitor. You do want to do that don’t you?” Richard heard the driver telling him and it seemed that of course that was all he wanted to do, he would just sit back and watch as the video screen displayed a spinning pattern and the lights pulsed and the music and the voice he was sure he heard filled up everything around him.


Fifteen minutes later the driver looked into the back of the car to see Richard with his eyes closed, breathing slowly. She picked up the phone, punched in two numbers on the speed dial and said: “Hello, Mistress Marquesa. Yes, he’s in the car. We’re halfway there and the new system you designed seems to be working perfectly. He seems to be very


susceptible to your suggestions and the mild hypnotic in the water seems to have intensified the system’s effects. I’1l1et it run for another fifteen minutes and then start bringing him up. Yes, I understand, that as soon as he wakes up I should ask him if he would like to go anywhere and that if he suggests he stop at a department store for a little shopping I’ll know that your principal commands have been implanted.”


Richard never felt more relaxed as he opened his eyes and realized his driver was telling him that traffic had been so light that they were running well ahead of schedule and would he like to make any stops before checking into his hotel. “Well, you know if I’ve got some time to kill, why don’t we stop at Sak’s Fifth Avenue. Your video guide made it clear there’s one here and I could always pick up some things for me.” “Whatever you want, sir. Sak’s it is” the driver told Richard as she looked at him in the rearview mirror and smiled to herself.


Inside Sak’s Richard decided to head to the men’s department to pick out a new tie for tomorrow’s meeting. On his way there, however, he found himself passing through the women’s lingerie department and he was struck with how beautiful some of the garments looked. Even though he currently wasn’t seeing anyone, he suddenly thought that it would be a good idea to buy some lingerie as a gift. How often would he find himself in a lingerie department with time on his hands? Besides, maybe he would meet some special woman on this trip. You never knew what could happen. And even though Richard had never bought lingerie for anyone ever before in his life, he quickly selected a pair of black panties with red trim, a matching garter belt and a pair of black stockings with a seam running down the back. As soon as he completed his purchases he realized that he was out of time and without buying anything else he headed straight back to the car.


“To the hotel now?” the driver asked Richard. “Sure, lets check me in. I don’t think I’ll need the car anymore today, I think I’ll just spend the rest of my time getting ready for my meetings” Richard responded. The driver smiled again to herself. The system was designed to give Mistress Marquesa complete control. She was certain she would see Richard again later that night as she handed him his bag out of the trunk.


It seemed like Richard had only been working for a few minutes when he looked up at the clock and saw that it was nine o’clock at night. He was surprised at the level of concentration he was bringing to his work and the amount of detail he was putting into his notes. Everything about the acquisition was there in front of him neatly written out.

Never before had he been able to concentrate so intensely. He was so focused on his work that he almost didn’t hear the phone ring. When he picked it up he heard a women’s voice say: “Richard, it’s nine o’clock. You need to start getting ready. The car will be downstairs for you at ten.” Richard was puzzled, the voice seemed familiar; he knew he had heard in before but he couldn’t place it. He was about to ask who this was when the woman said “Do it now, slaveboy” and Richard found himself walking toward the bathroom.


All Richard could think about was how special tonight was going to be, but if he tried to think what he was going to be doing or where he would go he hit a blank wall. All he knew was that he had to prepare. He took off his clothes and started to run the shower when the thought came to him that it would be more relaxing if he took a bath so he reached down and closed off the drain in the tub. Just as the tub was almost filled Richard noticed the complimentary bath salts provided by the hotel and he thought “Why not?” and threw them into the tub. As he settled down in the warm water Richard felt his whole body start to tingle. He began to run his hands down his sides and over his arms and finally up and down his legs. As he did so he felt that something was wrong. The perfectly wonderful, warm feelings he was having were being ruined by something, but he couldn’t think what it was. Suddenly, it was as clear as day in Richard’s mind. It was the hair on his legs. It made them look wrong. It made him feel wrong. It just couldn’t stay. Richard leaned over from the tub to the sink and picked up his razor. His legs were soft enough after soaking in the tub. He would deal with this problem right now. Easily and naturally, as if he had been given lessons, Richard shaved his legs. First the right, then the left. As he stood up to rinse himself off and let the water drain out of the tub, Richard felt the satisfaction of a man who had perfectly completed an assigned task.


After he dried himself off, Richard started to get dressed and suddenly realized that he couldn’t find his usual underwear. Even though he opened every drawer in the hotel room and he stared intensely at all the clothes he had packed, he was certain that he had failed to bring any socks or underwear. Before he could panic, however, a simple solution popped into Richard’s head. He had almost forgotten about his shopping expedition earlier in the day. He would simply wear the lingerie he bought in place of underwear. No one would notice and the problem would be solved. What did surprise Richard as we pulled the panties up his legs that his cock felt harder than it ever had before and his shaved legs seemed to tingle with electricity as he attached the stockings to the garter belt.


Pleased with his ingenuity Richard finished getting dressed and put all his notes together in an envelope.  Looking down at his watch and seeing that it was five minutes to ten he headed downstairs to meet his car and driver. The driver was waiting at the front door of the hotel, beckoning Richard to climb into the back seat. As she closed the door behind him Richard saw that the television was already running a swirling abstract color pattern that he was certain he had seen before. The pattern seemed to fade in and out on a pair of amazing green eyes and as Richard’s head started to nod off and his eyes close, he heard a familiar female voice, telling him to just relax, everything would soon be perfect.


Twenty minutes later, Richard woke to hear his driver telling him to get out of the car immediately and walk to the third door on the right, ring the bell and then wait to be told what to do next. It seemed perfectly natural for her to have that commanding tone in her voice. What she was telling Richard to do was important. He hardly noticed the quiet neighborhood around him or the fact that he held the envelope with all of his meeting notes in his right hand. He just jumped out of the car, ran up the walk to the well maintained condominium and rang the bell. He never felt more compelled to do anything in his life. As the door opened onto a dark room he realized that whoever was there was


standing behind the door. Richard then heard a voice, in fact the voice that he had been hearing all day saying, “Go upstairs and wait for me in the first room at the top. Oh, and be on your knees, my pet and hold that envelope in your mouth like a good boy.”


Richard walked slowly up the stairs, the words he had just heard rolling around inside his head making him dizzy with pleasure. Sinking to his knees was a relief. He looked around the room. It was simply appointed. There was a large bed and a single chair.

Richard remembered how important it was to put the envelope with his work into his mouth. As he waited he heard footsteps on the stairs and as he looked at the doorway to the room he saw an amazing woman. She was dressed all in black and she was beautiful. She had blond hair and green eyes that seemed to pierce through Richard. Her dress accentuated her cleavage; Richard wanted only to swim in her eyes and bury his head in her breasts. She spoke: “I am the Mistress Marquesa.                                 Your conditioning seems to have worked out perfectly. Now crawl over to me and give me what you have in your mouth. You do want to please me, don’t you?”


Richard crawled on his knees to the feet of this beautiful woman. As she reached down and slid the envelope out of his mouth her eyes locked onto his and Richard realized that these were the eyes he had seen in the car and that her voice had been the one talking to him every time he had been in the car. “I suppose you would like an explanation, my pet. Well it’s really very simple. MarquesaCo. is not really a car service. It belongs to me and its purpose is to make women aware of their inherent power over men. It is especially designed to make so called “fast track executives” like you realize that they need to be dominated and controlled by superior women. From now on everything you do in business you will do with MarquesaCo. as your partner and guide. My system in the car already made you tell me that you are here to buy Jackson Aircraft Parts. I plan to buy a nice piece of that company based on your notes and when you recommend its acquisition you are going to make me rich. Now lets see how well my control has worked on you.

Stand up and get out of those ridiculous masculine clothes.


Richard stood up and took off his jacket, shirt and pants. He was now standing in front of the Mistress Marquesa wearing only panties, a garter belt and seamed stockings. “Now doesn’t that look pretty. I bet you feel turned on in your girls clothes don’t you? Let me see if you shaved your legs like my tape taught you? Oh, perfect. I see we’re going to get along just fine. Now, look into my eyes and listen to my voice. Your name is now Robin and you belong to me, Mistress Marquesa. You feel more excited than you ever have in your life. Feel how hard you cock is. It’s hard only for me, your Mistress.                                                                      Now Robin I want you to dance for me. Start dancing now Robin and make the Mistress happy.”


Richard, now Robin, began to move his hips. His whole body followed. He heard music even though none was playing. As he danced he closed his eyes and he found his lips moving sensuously. His hands ran up and down his sides and then across his panty covered ass and cock.     The Mistress now sitting in the sole chair in the room and smiling at her latest captive said, “That’s good Robin. I see you are going to be a regular little


slut. I like that in a slave. Now tell me Robin how much do you want to wear women’s lingerie and serve at the feet of a dominant mistress?”


Suddenly it was all clear to Richard. He remembered everything about the tapes and the Mistress’s special system. They hadn’t just told him what to do. They had probed him and made him reveal his deepest desires. Richard now knew that he what he had been made to do, he also desperately wanted to do. Mistress looked at her new slut slave Robin and she seemed to read his mind. “That’s right my little panty boy. I am your dream come true. I didn’t need to push you very hard. You wanted to be controlled by me. Now get down on your knees and kiss my shoes. And make me feel like you mean it.”


As Robin began to worship first the tops, then the bottom of Mistress Marquesa’s shoes, the driver walked into the room. She took off her hat and let down a mane of blonde hair cut in a style similar to the Mistress. “See how easy it is Johanna? Soon I’ll transfer control over him to you. Already we look enough alike that he will obey you because he thinks it’s me. A few weeks of phone training after he returns to the east coast and a little further feminization and he’ll be perfect. Robin, you do want Johanna here to always be your “driver’ now don’t you my pet?” asked the Marquesa. “Yes Mistress” said Robin thinking only of what else she could do to please the Mistress. The two women looked at each other and simply smiled.