It had only been two days since paul’s submission to Goddess Marquesa’s evening of wrestling entertainment for the pleasure of Herself and Her many subjects. Marquesa was not about to delay in furthering Her control and dominance over paul and ensuring that the effects of Her subjugation would be deep-seated and permanent.

On this evening Marquesa commanded paul’s presence at a small get-together of only Herself, Her female attorney friend, and the ex-college wrestler and his valet, a very muscular and knockout brunette female bodybuilder-wrestler. This evening, as explained and commanded by the Marquesa, would be a preparation, orientation, and conditioning for paul….to further his unconditional acceptance of his new role as the Goddess’ cum slut, and to establish an understanding by paul of his future duties, requirements, and responsibilities.

At the Marquesa’s home a room had been prepared to aid in the facilitation of the orientation. A table of sterile piercing hardware and surgical appliances was readied. Sexual aids and restraints had also been prepared. The atmosphere was made comfortable and provocative by the presence of a warm fire, plush furnishings, and soft candle lighting. All was prepared flawlessly for the events and all present were sexually eager for the evening to unfold methodically and relentlessly.

Marquesa demanded paul undress completely. The attorney, an attractive redhead in her 30’s, very fit and very stern and professional, was commanded by the Marquesa to prep paul with a very thorough body shave and application of a light mineral oil. The ex-college wrestler was ordered to, “Bring in The Chair!” A large wrought-iron “chair” with a very unique purpose was effortlessly carried to the center of the room by the muscular wrestle-boy. It had a wrought-iron padded seat with a circular opening allowing exposure and access to the rectal area of who-so-ever should be its unfortunate captive. For The Chair was especially fabricated with vertical posts with restraints for the victim’s hands and the front legs of the chair were equipped with restraints for the feet.

At the conclusion of the body prep, Marquesa demanded that the attorney “appropriately dress our slave”. The attorney complied by producing a “thong” which had been especially tailored for paul utilizing his measurements which had long before been documented and filed. This special “thong” was satin, white, and was really simply a strap with dual purpose. 1) It served as a suspensor, i.e. it was open in the front with the elastic material in circular band-like fashion surrounding paul’s penis-base and scrotum and 2) it was open in the back, i.e. butt-less, allowing full and unhindered access to the anal area. The suspensive effect was immediate and effective…paul’s penis and scrotum were thrust forward and upward and the blood flow to his organ was slowed just to the point of creating a purposeful erection. The scrotal shave applied by the attorney heightened paul’s sensitivity in the groin and perineum to maximum effect. In addition the anal area was equally sensitized by the clean shave.

Marquesa now decided it was time to proceed quickly with the events and requested the muscle boy to “Throne the slave.” paul was easily carried to The Chair by the wrestler. The wrestler essentially hoisted paul in a backbreaker hold by reaching one arm under paul’s crotch (after quickly and purposefully kneading the suspended exposed penis) and clasping the other muscular arm over paul’s shoulder and down his upper back. With ease the former NCAA athlete raised and flipped paul’s torso supine across the wrestler’s huge expansive shoulders and upper back area. Slave paul’s arms and feet dangled helplessly. It was easy for the wrestler to bring paul down on The Chair in a seated position. The restraints were applied by all three eager assistants, the attorney, the wrestler, and the female valet.

The excitement and arousal was intoxicating now, as all eagerly anticipated the Marquesa’s plan. She now approached paul and the induction was carried out very methodically, purposefully, and relentlessly. The emerald green eyes, the intoxicating smooth voice, the commands, all were utilized with precision and professionalism to induce paul. All of his hypnoerotic subbie training in the years before, including constant audiotape reinforcement, were now culminating in fruition…..”it is now easier and easier to go deeper and deeper. The deeper you go the more pleasure you will know. Every hypnotic trance of surrender and submission will be even easier and easier to enter.” These bewitching, spellbinding words were playing over and over in paul’s conditioned mind as the Marquesa effortlessly took him to ” that place of quietness and calm awareness” that he now “craved to surrender to”. It was a simple matter of course, quite natural now, and paul LOVED IT, CRAVED IT, NEEDED IT MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IMAGINABLE.

The hypnosis was deep and devastatingly effective. Marquesa was completely thrilled with the total domination and control She could now exert effortlessly on the slaveboy paul. Marquesa was aroused, as were the three assistants and as was paul. For the essential communication between Mistress and slave had been carried out and established beyond any resistance…. There was no resistance now, only acquiescence. Mistress had removed all resistance. Arousal was the tool She used (not only on paul but on ALL of Her subjects) to remove resistance and freewill, and to induce compliance, deep hypnotic trance, and above all SURRENDER and SUBMISSION.

The next phase of the orientation, was a bilateral nipple piercing, very professionally and clinically performed by the Marquesa and assisted by the attorney. It was quick, clean, slightly and purposefully painful, and stimulated paul further into erection, hypnotic trance, and sexual arousal to new heights. his nipples were hard now, erect, sensitized, and vulnerable. They and the slave who bore them were easy prey for both the Mistress’ and attorney’s fingertips, which now frantically circled the nipples into further hardness and attention. paul was slowly being brought to a frenzied trance-state of supreme sexual arousal. his need for degradation was taken to new levels, as is a matter of course for any slave trapped in the Marquesa’s web of domination…. The need grows with each and every day, with each and every trance, with each and every word. It is inevitable, unavoidable, beyond any resistance or escape now… It is a new life and a new approach to oneself and one’s Owner… It is natural for the true submissive to surrender oneself to this level of degradation and humiliation, a giving of one’s essence to another, a symbiosis which Marquesa has now utilized to enslave and ensnare paul forever.

Next phase…..deeper subjugation and arousal. paul cannot believe this is happening. It is overwhelming and a new level of arousal cannot be possible… But it is…. It just goes on and on.. paul can only now release himself into his Captor’s arms and control.. The Marquesa now commands the valet to bring a 10″ long and 3″ thick massive rubber dildo, very detailed and anatomically correct including vasculature, to The Chair. (GOD NO, i think, but at the same time i want it, NEED it, want the humiliation and the surrender to go deeper and to be an undeniable and profoundly permanent expression of love for my Mistress.) (“you want to please Me, you NEED to please Me” keeps echoing in my subconscious mind now”) And under Her most commanding and respected guidance, the valet begins to pulsate and stroke paul’s anal and rectal area with the dildo…..expertly, purposefully, repetitively, haltingly, and feverishly entering his entire canal with the full length over and over again.

“you love that don’t you lover?” says the Marquesa “tell Me you love it slaveboy….”

“i DO love it so, Mistress, Goddess, i, i……i , GOD, i cant….”

“you what?, Marquesa queries”……..

“i LOVE this, Mistress.”

Endless penetration, endless humiliation, the evening passed so slowly now…. attorney stimulating the nipples, muscle boy kneading, massaging, and stroking paul’s cock and scrotum to complete, heretofore unattainable hardness and arousal. All this under the tutelage and hypnotic control of the Supreme Goddess, the Mistress Marquesa. Multiple delayed orgasms, paul taken time and again to near-climax, backing off, again to near-climax, again and again, over and over, humiliatingly, degradingly, to arousal, need, desire, orgasm after orgasm. Devastating and devious. It was vintage Marquesa. Pure and simple it was demand and surrender to that demand.

paul lost complete track of any time. Some said it was three hours, some five, but we are now told this lasted the entire weekend … paul was awakened from trance on a Monday morning.

The Mistress Marquesa concluded the festivities, with all still in attendance, with this posthypnotic suggestion paul would next begin reality training, i.e. the dildo would be very gradually replaced over a period of months by the real thing. She complemented the suggestion by Her oh so wicked chuckle that also continues to echo in paul’s mind, and from which he cannot find escape. In fact he looks forward to hearing it now.

“you WANT this don’t you slave boy? Nod your head yes…” And paul complied. “GOOOD, you’ve done very well. you will be here again soon. Be ready for My call, slave.”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank You, Goddess.”

” and one more thing, guess who I have enlisted to be your personal trainer under My command?….(wicked chuckle)”. “See you next time slaveboy…..”

to be continued in part 3…