I’d like to share with you about the therapeutic hypnosis I also provide.  For over eighteen years, I have refined My considerable natural talents, offering up My own special brand of truly therapeutic hypnotherapy to those throughout the country who seek out My help.

First let Me clarify this point: many people equate hypnosis with magic or trickery.  It is neither.  Unfortunately, it can often be said that the totality of the average person’s hypnosis experience goes something like this.  First they are coaxed on stage at some club, and before they know it, they’re allowing some stage hypnotist to make them bark like dogs, and do bad Elvis imitations.

This is not a good representation of therapeutic or clinical hypnotherapy.  I work closely with my clients to overcome personal issues or to simply improve their way of life.  Although I do not wholeheartedly approve of the antics of many stage hypnotists, I have developed My own visual induction technique that is truly unique.  Over the years, I have discovered a way of combining My beautiful voice with traditional relaxation and visualization exercises, which creates a deeper and faster state of hypnosis in My subjects.  Through My special technique, suggestions are more readily accepted and together we can achieve faster, more permanent results.

As a skilled therapeutic hypnotherapist, I can quickly relax and hypnotize you using my unique hypno-visual and/or hypno-aural methods.  You can simply drift off into a wonderful world of hypnotic relaxation and together we can overcome issues, such as insomnia, performance anxiety, shyness (especially when around beautiful women), writer’s block, substance abuse, public speaking anxiety, mental blocks, sexuality issues, anger, hostility, self-esteem issues, unwanted habits and behaviors and many more!

So you see My pets, I am much more than just a pretty face, a pretty voice and an exceptional pair of legs and breasts.  If you want more from our time together, you have wonderful opportunity to branch out and experience the healing powers of hypnosis and the extra benefit of doing so with a truly intelligent, caring, sensuous, intuitive, and beautiful Woman!