She stood over me silently for several minutes. Nothing is more terrifying than her silence. I knelt obediently, eyes downcast, unable to resist stealing glances at her through my peripheral vision. She is soooo beautiful. Standing tautly erect, her magnificent legs and tits, her regal air, drew every ounce of my energy toward her with irresistible magnetism. Her face, cast in fury, was so gorgeous I felt like my heart might explode from the sight.

            Eventually she made a hand gesture that signaled me to change position. I went face-down, with my naked ass held high in the air. I could hear her walk to one side of the room to retrieve something, and then slowly take position behind me.

            Smack! The paddle came down on my ass with excruciating force. I bit down, containing a yelp of pain. Smack! The second blow hurt even more fiercely. Eight more strokes of the paddle made my entire body hum with pain. After the tenth stroke she circled to my front and held the paddle in front of my face. “Kiss it and thank Me,” she commanded.

            “Thank You, Goddess,” I intoned reverently, kissing the end of the paddle that was flecked with my sweat.

            “When you call Me from an unlisted number, so that I can’t return your call, how do you think that makes Me feel?” she asked.

            “Frustrated,” I answered.

            Smack! she landed another stroke on my ass. “That’s right!” she said. “Is ‘frustrated’ how you should make your Goddess feel?”

            “No, Goddess,” I replied. “i should always make You happy.”

            “What must I do?” she asked.

            “You must beat me, Goddess,” I said.

            Smack! “Wrong!” she declared. “You like it when I beat you, worm!” Smack! “slut!” Smack! “fucktard!” Smack!

“This beating is not for you,” she continued, “it is just a bit of light exercise for Me. To work out My frustration. But I must genuinely punish you…I must make you suffer. Otherwise you will never learn.”

            She paused. After a few moments of silence another blow of the paddle landed- smack!

            “What do you say to that, worm?”

            “Yes, Goddess! You are right!” I gasped.

            Smack! “I don’t need you to tell me I am right, moron! Beg Me to punish you!”

            Panic seized me. “Please, Goddess! Please punish me!” I cried.

            Smack! “Punish you how? So what happens?”

            “Please make me suffer!” I croaked.

            Another pause. After a few moments she said, “Very good. Look up and into My eyes so that I know you understand.”

            I picked my torso up from the floor and looked up into her bewitching green eyes. My insides quivered with mixed fear and yearning. Despite my terror, my cock stiffened involuntarily. “Please, Goddess,” I whispered, softly but loud enough to be heard, “Please make me suffer.”

            She smiled. “Oh, pet,” she said. “You will get what you asked for….”

             I returned to her home two weeks later. She answered the door wearing nothing but black silk lingerie and a see-through negligee.

            “Strip naked,” she ordered. “You will work in the nude. The cleaning supplies are underneath the sink in the kitchen. Remain on your hands and knees at all times, unless I tell you otherwise.”

            My first task was the hardwood floor in her living room. I used a brush and dustpan to collect the dust, crawling slowly across the room as she had commanded. She was stretched out on a divan while I worked, reading a magazine. It was difficult to focus on my work while she was present.

            “That’s all right,” she said with a smile, seeing me ogle her involuntarily. “You may look at Me all you like. You may not touch Me or yourself, though. You have not prayed for the past two weeks, as I instructed?”

            “No, Mistress,” I replied. Ordinarily I pray to her regularly and with her permission, stroking myself while chanting a mantra (“Goddess is Beauty…Goddess is Life…Goddess is Everything…”), to release the essence that accumulates as I yearn for her day by day. For two weeks, despite much pleading in emails and phone calls, I had been forbidden to worship her in this way. As I stole glances at her while crawling across her floor, my cock pulsated and wept beads of desperate pre-cum.

            I cleaned on my knees for the next two hours. Goddess Marquesa made a point of walking by me as I worked, so that I could not help staring at her legs or inhaling the subtle fragrance of her perfume as she wafted air into my lungs with her passing. Finally she ordered, “Get up. Go over to the sink. There is a pile of dirty dishes.”

            I did as she commanded, and began soaping and scrubbing diligently. As I worked I felt soft flesh press against my ass, thighs and back.

            “Does this feel good?” her silken voice whispered in my ear as her hands reached around my torso and fondled my nipples.

            “Oh, yes Goddess!” I moaned as my knees turned to jelly and I felt I might pass out.

            Her graceful fingers closed around my cock and stroked gently, making my whole body tremble with desire. “Work hard, slave boy. I have something special planned for when you are done.”

            She released my cock and I worked feverishly, thinking that my transgression had been forgiven. When the last dish was stacked neatly in its cabinet, she grabbed my erection loosely, as if taking up the end of a leash, and led me toward her bedroom. Inside was a luxurious king-size bed.

            “Sit here,” she commanded, pointing to the foot of the bed, near a bedpost from which hung a chain and manacles. My heart sank as I realized my punishment was not over. When I was chained to the foot of the bed, she raised my chin with one long fingernail and winked, blowing me a kiss. “Now the fun really begins,” she said.

            She left the room and came back a few minutes later, followed by a tall, muscular man with a severe military haircut.

            Pointing to me and facing the tall man, she said, “This slut has been a bad boy. You will help Me punish him.”

            “Yes, Goddess,” the tall man intoned obediently. He stood still as Goddess Marquesa removed his clothes one piece at a time, pausing occasionally to fondle his muscles and tease his skin with soft kisses and languorous caresses. His composure broke immediately. Every touch from Goddess sent tremors of rapture through his whole frame. By the time he was naked he was quivering with desperate need, his cock a granite obelisk reaching skyward.

            “Cum serve Me,” Goddess Marquesa commanded. They climbed onto the bed together, where I could not see them, but could hear every sound of their passion. The Goddess directed his hands and lips over every inch of her magnificent body, and from the gasping, sucking, and moaning noises the slave emitted I could tell that he was as shocked and overjoyed as I was tortured with envy. After about a half hour the Goddess commanded, “Go down on My pussy.” He complied eagerly, and she directed him through three screaming orgasms of ascending power and violence.

            When she had cum a third time, the Goddess demanded some water. The slave fetched some, and when her thirst was slaked the Goddess ordered, “Lie down…arms splayed….legs open.” I listened as she began to work on her toy. The bed trembled as the slave twitched involuntarily in rapturous response to the Goddess’s touch. His shivers and moans pierced me like arrows…I thought I might go mad.

            “Do you want to cum?” the Goddess asked.

            “Oh, yes…PLEEAASE,” the slave moaned.

            “Beg Me, slut…”

            For the next hour the slave screamed and cried, begging for release. The Goddess kept him on the brink, teasing and laughing until it seemed like the man must expire from arousal. Finally the Goddess commanded, “Get up, slave. Go to the foot of the bed.”

            The man obeyed compliantly, his will extinguished by the Goddess’s power. He stood in front of me, eyes glassy, cock pulsating.

            “Finish yourself in that dog’s mouth,” the Goddess commanded. “You may look at Me while you cum.”

            I choked and sputtered as the sweaty shaft was jammed between my lips, but there was nothing I could have done to resist even if I had had the will to do so. It was fast- the slave was so aroused that he exploded with a tortured scream after only a few pumps against my wet tongue and palette. There was so much hot jizz that it dribbled from the corners of my mouth before his balls were empty. The Goddess laughed at the choking sounds I made as I fought against swallowing.

            When he was empty Goddess invited the slave to climb back into bed and spoon her as she slept. As their breathing became shallow and even I simmered in my own misery, praying for sleep but knowing it would never come. The next morning, after the tall slave had been sent off with breakfast and a kiss, the Goddess returned to her bedroom with a key and a wet washcloth. Wiping the dried cum from my mouth and chin, she set me free and gave me another saucy wink.

            “That was fun,” she said. “Now the real suffering begins. See yourself out.”

            I wondered what she meant as I put my clothing back on and went out onto the street. It became clear over the next few days. When my first two emails and telephone calls went unanswered, I realized that I was still being punished. For one full day I lost contact with her, then two. I had thought that I could not possibly feel worse as I was chained to her bed, cum dripping down my chin. I had been wrong.

            By day three I was incoherent with misery. Snot dripped down my face as I sobbed into the telephone, pleading with her voicemail. “Please Goddess,” I begged, “Beat me. Chain me to the bed. Force me to suck ten men’s cocks. Anything…..just let me hear Your voice….PLLLEEEAAASE.”

            On day four a letter arrived, just three words: “Come here, boy.” I raced to her house in record time, stopping only long enough to buy a bouquet of orchids as an offering. She had prepared a special ritual to welcome me back. As her gloved, lubricated fist dug deep into my colon tears flowed down my cheeks. The agony was intense, but I cried as much from relief and joy as pain. “Thank You, Goddess,” I gasped, “Thank You for making me Your meat puppet…Your slut slave.”

            “You’re welcome, pet,” She purred, a slight laugh in Her Voice. “Now relax……”

              The End