Hello My Darling Playthings,

You have been listening and lusting to my salacious audio and video recordings haven’t you my precious playthings?

Of course you have.  I know that you have. I also know that you have been enjoying them very much and that they profoundly and provocatively tickled and deepened your desire to succumb to me and please me.  You love the power that they give me to manipulate your lust.

Why don’t you sit back and relax for a moment.  Let yourself become very comfortable.  Close your eyes and let your mind freely recall and remember and relive each of my recordings that you love so much.  Then; let your creative juices flow and write a review of any and each of them that have the greatest hypnotic influence on you.  Tell me how my velveteen voice makes you feel so good and so submissive.  Tell me in deliciously decadent detail how the recording seduces you and makes you mine.

If you send me your review, and I am particularly pleased with your effort, I will grant you a free 7 minute in-person telephone trance/conversation.  It can be either a sexy hypnotic call where we can explore any of your fantastic fantasies, as you wish, or it can be a regular ‘vanilla’ phone call where we discuss… whatever!  In any case, you’re going to love listening to my soothing, sexy, seductive and sultry voice as I speak to you and only to you.  Doesn’t either way sound like fun?  Seven minutes of the pure Marquesa Bliss you long for, Darling.

I can’t wait to get to know you better than ever; so sit down and write that review of your favorite audio or video recording(s).  It doesn’t matter if there are other reviews of the same recording; I want to read what you have to say also, Darlings.

Send your completed manuscript to hypnodomme@goddessmarquesa.com

It doesn’t have to be hard for you to do this, but it wouldn’t hurt either.

(I sell NO personal information from this web site so your submission can be completely anonymous., but please supply a User Name.)


Mesmerizing you always,

Goddess Marquesa