“Hello, I’m very pleased you’re such a curious pleasure-seeker. I’m already using this trait you share with Me to draw you DEEPER AND DEEPER under My influences, controlling, domination, and inspirationally alluring you to explore and embrace ever greater submissiveness.
After much thoughtful contemplation mixed with equally important Superior Womanly intuition, I’ve chosen to call Myself and I am “Mistress Goddess Marquesa”.
Pronounce My name “mar key!!! ssa”.
Mistress Goddess Marquesa reveal the womanly authority I wickedly wield and the feminine powers I wantonly exercise over each of My very fortunate and grateful pup-pets.
I’ve explored, embraced, and enjoyed being a lifestyle and professional Hypnotic Dominatrix for rough!!ly [wink, wink] two decades.
Safe, sane, physical sensuous BDSM’s innumerable variations and intensity levels are wonderfully intimate, personal, and profound… even over the phone!
I’ve learned and incorporated hosts of lessons and truths thanks to My many exciting days and nights filled with multitudes of pleasurable hypnodomination experiences.
Passionately shaping, bending, and molding an amazing variety of deliciously receptive and responsive submissives to My desires and My will is exciting.
For instance, I know nothing in the realm of merely or primarily physical experiences even comes close to beating!!! the pleasures, passions, and more of DEEPER AND DEEPER connecting with someone’s psyche.

After I connect such a link in My chains spell-BINDING a subbie’s mind, body, spirit, and anything else they’ve got that’s useful–here’s what awaits you My slave-toy:

I can, do, and keep on experimenting with and bringing to life symbiotic raptures of Me Mistress-fully manipulating My worshipful sub’s very essence.
Horn doggie, bitch boy or both, I control and transform each of you according to who and what I am, what I desire and who you are and shall become in My firm yet soothing hands.

Like My previous play-toys, ya better understand your submissive destiny is forged thanks to My connecting with you in these quite successfully mind-blowing, reality-molding ways.

“I’m a Certified Hypnotist who’s devoted to studying and unleashing all the powers and effectiveness sensuality-based hypnosis possesses. SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE, sensuous hypnotism (hypno-domme eroticism) is one powerfully multifaceted, exquisitely potent tool.
I’ve got treasure chests of invaluably pleasure-enhancing, personality reprogramming, psyche scrutinizing arts, crafts, and sciences.
I’m expert in ever-increasingly unleashing My knowledge, talents, and feminine powers in oh so desirable ways.
I mesmerize people over the phone, on the internet, and thanks to My audios and videos found on My http://goddessmarquesa.com website.
My special *brand* of Hypnotic Recordings [audios or videos or both] training awaits anyone who’s serious about and appropriately dedicated to intense and intimate pleasures-based self-examinations.

Training is personalized by Me for Me to get what’s best out of you by whatever means is right based on My perceptions and My interactions with you.

“As a Mistress, I embody all the sensuality, sexuality, and other lascivious aspects of what the word “mistress means. Mistress also means I’m totally and unquestionably in charge of you who come to Me for pleasure not found anywhere else.
As Marquesa, I possess a cosmopolitan, continental flair, essence, and style of beguiling and reshaping My prey. Remember Mistress Marquesa is a skeleton Key to unlocking realms of satisfaction and stimulation beyond your DREAMS COME TRULY WILD!
When necessary, I’ll physically drive the egotism out of any of the eagerly horn doggie toys in My thrall.
Call Me or dream of coming to Me if:

you know you’re submissive and crave to experience. If you’ve got the right stuff to be properly submissive to Me or your curiosity about sensuality’s wilder sides compels you to respectfully, and fearfully, seek Me out.”