• So what do you think about autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), a whole body tingling that listening to soft, monotone voices can trigger?


    Interesting article but I guess I have not experienced ASMR because I find her voice somewhat annoying and unreassuring.  I mean can she really expertly fold those towels or what?

    However and whatever… to each his/her own.


    Even as a young woman in My early 20’s I never possessed a tiny, tinny little girlish voice and the way I express or connote commands,  sweet suggestions and irresistible instructions is with I’ve been told a successful air of a fine mixture of sexiness and confidence.


    I’d love some responses to My inquiry and curiosity as to why this Minnie mouse mommy video has gotten 900,000 views and all of My potent and powerful youtube videos don’t come close.


    Maybe it’s the tantalizing towels I’m lacking.  LOL