Hello, sweetie, it’s PANTY PLAYTIME!

I know and you feel it in your heart, mind, and body:
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+  “MISTRESS MARQUESA TAKES A bride” is My blog you subscribe to and read to become more Mine as the lusty plaything I want you to be and you yearn for My honeypot.


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+  Recently I reveled in living it up while lusciously living out these ultimate feminization dreams come truly wild and kinky with a very longtime loyal slave.  Becum transfixed by My photos of My man-bride, bitch boy dressed to the nines and completely in My thrall.
+  All beautiful blonde hair and wicked tits, alluringly attired in black with a black velvet or a red satin cape unveiling Me as a sensuous, sinister, Slinkiest Sorceress Grand Goddess Marquesa took My bewitched bride in places you yearn to feel how good it is to become Mine.


+  Succumb! Surrender! and Submit! to Me My panty plaything.