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On the Couch

 “Youre trembling. Youve recently had a traumatic experience,” Doctor Weiss said.

        “Yes,” Robert replied.

        “Lets talk about it,” Weiss encouraged from behind where Robert lay. “Try to relax.” Read more…

The Tantalus Gambit

From Goddess Marquesa:   My absolute favorite story!  A wicked and wonderful tale illustrating and illuminating, expressing and narrating the power of My TRANCE! 😉

Read more…

Submission is my Mission

One afternoon as I was browsing the internet, I stumbled upon a most interesting website. GoddessMarquesa.com.  Apparently she is an erotic fem-domme hypnotist and dominatrix.  My curiosity was peaked, and I clicked my way into the site.

The site was easy to navigate, colorful and had some very interesting reviews and info. Yet, what snatched my curiosity was the flashing “Free” sign. I clicked and read all about “Wonderism, Marquesa, Her Captivators” and thought this is incredible.  “How can someone fall deeply under the spell of another when they never even met?” I said to myself. Sure there is something else that draws people in and under Her spell.  Read more…


I am a very bad man, thus in a sense none of this should have come as a surprise. When one makes a “living” out of killing, karma is bound to catch up eventually. Even so, if you had given me a thousand chances to guess how it would all end, I would never have landed on this.
When I learned that my target was a “Goddess” I actually laughed. That was how far gone I was. Murdering a divinity seemed like kicks. Something new for the scrapbook. Read more…

Tame Your Pet

Smith looked at the woman seated across from him. She was blonde, with piercing green eyes. Magnificent legs sheathed in black silk and crossed alluringly in plain view. Full breasts displayed to enticing effect by a tight satin dress that matched her eyes. Her posture was confident and her demeanor serene, despite how he must look after so many beatings. She looked back at him with an enigmatic smile that projected confidence and calm.
“Who are you?” asked Smith.
“I am Goddess Marquesa,” she replied in a steady, richly captivating voice. Read more…


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