As a little gift to all My loyal pets, I have decided to share with you some insights and techniques for you to allow yourselves to go deeper into the Alpha state of hypnosis during our intimate times together or just to use this state for your own benefit and enjoyment anytime.  By practicing these tools that I am going to share with you, you will find that entering and experiencing a state of total Surrender at My command will be so much more enjoyable, for both of us, and hopefully you will discover new ways to improve your performance and composure in whatever pursuit you choose.

There are many subtleties with controlling your brainwave activity.  Within the Alpha state is a wide continuum that ranges between the deepest dreamlike trance state on the border of the Theta state to the intense and brilliant focused concentration of a skilled athlete.  That much focus is about as much as the brain can manage without beginning to divide its attention.

Going deeper into the Alpha state is as easy as falling towards asleep.  As you relax more and more and let go of tension and anxiety, you naturally move in that direction, my pet.  Counting backwards or down from a high number is a common method, but, as those who have had much experience with me know, combining that with visualizing descending stairs or in an elevator is even more effective.  The tricky part can be keeping from going too deep and falling asleep.  That is the “sweet spot,” my dears, entering into a deep state of relaxation and getting as close to sleep as possible without dropping off the end and missing out on the best parts!

If you want to go into the light Alpha state, “waking hypnosis,” on your own at any time, all you have to do is close your eyes, take a deep breath, and roll your eyes up as you go to your peaceful place.  From here, as if you were going to come back awake, begin counting upward from zero.  But instead of counting to five and becoming “wide awake,” count to three and then slowly open your eyes and fixate on one object or point.  This will leave you in an ideal focus state for performance.

The purpose and usefulness of erotic hypnosis is as an aid in freeing your inhibitions and fears and being able to perform as the eager and willing sex slave I know your heart truly desires you to be.  Through this wonderful and powerful experience you can easily and naturally Surrender your sex to me in ways that will turn us both on, such as masturbating for me on command, expressing your feminine side in a natural and sensuous way, building endurance to the exquisite pain I might inflict, or allowing all of your desires to submit to a beautiful Goddess to freely express themselves.