It is no wonder that Thanksgiving is such a beloved holiday. Gratitude is one of the most powerful and edifying human experiences. A person who sincerely gives thanks is ennobled and humanized by that act. A capacity for gratitude separates the wise from the foolish, the profound from the petty.


This all explains why you should be especially grateful for Me, pet. Not just because I thrill and delight you. Not merely because my shapely legs and luscious breasts haunt your dreams, or because My silken voice makes your heart race and your cock ramrod stiff. Give thanks for all those pleasures, by all means. But be sincerely grateful for even more.


Moving and arousing you is just the beginning of My Power. My Will is so much stronger than your will, you see.  I can not only make you beg for what you want, I can make you beg for what I want, and thank Me for it.


You will feel sincere, abject gratitude for whatever I do to you. Enslave you to the sight of My legs? “Thank You, Goddess.” Spank your ass red? “Thank You, Goddess.” Make you go down on all fours and howl in worship of Me on a crowded city street? “Thank You, Goddess.” If gratitude makes a man bigger, I can make you bigger than you have ever been.


If a bit of drool escapes your mouth at the Thanksgiving table this year it won’t be because of the turkey, pet. You will be thinking of Me, and how grateful you are for My allure. Enjoy the holiday, but contact me soon so that I can teach you more about what real gratitude feels like. And don’t forget to show your Goddess how grateful you are for Me.