As a rule men are compelled to surrender to Me. I am too fascinating, too sexy to resist. When I focus My charm on a man, he becomes quite receptive.
But when I meet a man who is naturally submissive….oh….mmmmm. Such magic I can perform then! A submissive man is like a beautiful piece of marble, and in Me he has found the Sculptress Who can realize his full potential.

         I have been creating such beautiful pieces of art all My life. Just now I am working on a young man I call “blondie.” I saw him among some workmen who came to My home, and he was so yummy that I had to have him. When I ran My fingers through his thick, blond, wavy hair he blushed so sweetly that I knew I had found My next submissive toyboy.

         I gave him My number, knowing that he would be compelled to call. I have been haunting his every waking moment and dream ever since. blondie needed no persuasion to submit to My hypnotic control. he took to it like the proverbial duck to water, and his cravings to “go under” have become more intense ever since.

        Of course, this story is not about him, it is about Me. When I find a new toy I must sculpt him into something that will delight Me, and I have sampled so many different delights that by now it requires real creativity to produce something new. I have taken blondie to places he did not expect. Standing by watching as I seduce other men, showering as I watch and appraise his involuntary erection, masturbating a load of cum into his pants and underwear, sucking on the end of my strap-on dildo….all of these moments have made him bridle with foolish male “pride.” I have enjoyed slapping the teary pout off of his handsome face.

        But as fun as it has been for Me, it has been ecstasy for him. As he kneels at My feet, begging to know when he can see Me again, I know what paradise he is experiencing under My control. The love and adoration that keeps growing in him despite his humiliation and frustration may surprise him, but not Me. I have seen it so many times before.

        What will I do with my yummy slaveboy? As an Artist I have to follow My inspiration. I have a vision of blondie sucking the cock of My other handsome slave. Mmmmmm….something about having two hunks blow each-other at My command and for love of Me….it would be delicious. I will have to see where the mood takes Me…

        Do you envy blondie, pet? Of course you do. After reading the last paragraphs your cock is hard. Your pulse is racing. A thin sheen of sweat has formed on your brow.

        How many young submissive men meet a Goddess like Me? The odds are worse than winning the lottery. The things I will teach blondie…the gifts I will give him….it truly boggles the mind. I know you wish you could have your life to live over and trade places with him. Alas ….that much magic is beyond even Me.

        But it is not too late, pet. Call Me. I can’t give you your life to live over, but I can start a new life for you under My control. Cum feel what it is like to serve a truly Superior Goddess…you know it is what you want…what you need….